Hasbro has embraced their new Marvel license with a vengence.  We saw a LOT of new upcoming product this past August at Comic Con and Hasbro made sure that they had an aisle full of new product ready for the fourth quarter and the holiday season. 

In the week leading up to Christmas Wal-mart seemed to be the leader in stocking new Hasbro/Marvel product.

Here are some of the new products now on store shelves:

 8" Signature Series: Wave I -Spiderman, Spiderman Black, Doc Ock, Green Goblin

Wave II – Wolverine, Captain America, Daredevil, Iron Spider

Signature Series

The Spiderman Origins 6" 2-packs
SM vs. Green Goblin, SM  vs. Venom SM vs. Ock

The 2 waves of 6" Spiderman Origins:Venom, Lizard, Mysterio, Doc Ock, Rhino, DemoGoblin, Spiderman 2099, Secret Wars (black costume )Spiderman. Also some Figure and rider sets, web shooers, and mini-vehicles.

Spiderman Origins

Titianium Die-Cast Spiderman
: Spiderman, Doc Ock, Green Goblin (painted and patina finishes)

Titanium Petina Finish

 Titanium Painted

AttacticX: Marvel starter 4-packs- Spiderman Origins, Marvel Heroes, Ghost Rider


SuperHero Squad -all 8 2packs of waves one and two.

SuperHero Squad 

Ghost Rider movie Bike and Rider Assortment. 



And as if that wasn’t enough there are now reports/photos on the Fwoosh boards that Hasbro’s first wave of Marvel Legends is now hitting some Target stores. 


It’s been a busy season for Marvel collectors with Toy Biz getting all of their remaining Marvel product in stores in time for the holidays and now Hasbro wants to make sure they are hanging onto all of the plan-o-gram space.  Hasbro has hit the ground running and I imagne they will want to keep up the rapid pace.  

Who’s still in?   Who’s Marvel collecting ends with Toy Biz’s reign?  Who’s found what already?  What are your favorites of the new stuff?   What do you wish they would make?   Talk about it  in our Hasbro forums

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