No, no… don’t worry.  This post isn’t about some super secret limited edition figure from Mattel.  Not this year!

While I was back home for the holidays I got to go visit the home of one of my best friends "Dr. Loopy."   He and I got back into collecting togther back in 1990 and he’s been going strong ever since.  He’s always loved the DC Direct statues (yeah, he has the first Superman, and Sandman from before it was even CALLED DC Direct).  He also  has a VERY understanding wife, and together they decorated the house for Christmas.


Above his mantle he has the Alex Ross print "The Original Seven" from the last days of the Warner Brothers Studio Stores, and has the DC Direct statues of the characters arranged in the same order.   The Santa hats came from the $1 store, Batman’s beard and Green Lantern’s coat were both from an ornament he dismantled.  If you look hard enough at the "his and her’s" stockings you will see the Mattel JLU Superman in his and Wonder Woman in hers.

I just loved this display and had to take some pictures of it.    

The Original Seven 




There were several others that I didn’t end up with pictures of (like the Atom), but here are a few others from the other bookshelf.

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