2nd Anniversary Celebration


There’s an extensive list of Marvel product that Toy Biz/Marvel Toys were looking at doing for 2007/2008 when the license for Marvel characters was transfered to Hasbro.   Most of these concepts will not see the light of day.  Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of these lost concepts here in my blog.   It’s not to upset you about figures you’ll never have, but rather to celebrate a great, revolutionary run on one of the all time greatest Super Hero toy lines and creative people that worked so hard to give us such diversity of character in the Marvel Legends name. 


These are concept drawings just showing how the figure might work.   This first one is a figure that we actually DID get under the ToyBiz/Marvel Toys umbrella.   Moon Knight (and his variant) were released just under the wire as part of the Modok Build a Figure assortment.   This was the last Marvel Legends assortment put out by Toy Biz.

Moon Knight Concept Art   

This next figure would have been amazing.  As you will recall the Absorbing Man figure that was originally released as part of the Hulk Classics line was a tough figure to track down.   Toy Biz heard the cries of collectors wanting this iconic villain and re-released him as part of a series of 2-packs under the Spiderman Classics banner.   However only specialty retailers ended up ordered that wave of 2-packs and he still represents a hole in many Marvel collections.

Enter the highly successful Build-A-Figure concept.   Since the Absorbing Man can change shape and size according to what he absorbs he made a logical choice for the BAF program.   Here is the concept for a lost Legend… the building sized Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure.


Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Concept Art

Do not use without permission

And before you ask, as of right now Hasbro has no plans to pick up this ball (and chain) and run with it for their Legends line. 

Stay tuned for more "Lost Legends" 

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