One of the exclusives last month at the WizardWorld Los Angeles comic book conventions was the Exclusive Spider-Man3 MiniMate 2-pack.  This pack featured both the Red Spider-Man and Black Costume Spiderman.

These new versions of Spider-man use the standard size MiniMate body and it is the first time that the movie costume has been used for a MiniMate. 

 MiniMates are a joint venture between Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum.




The level of detail on these two is great. The texture on the blue (and black) parts of the costume is printed on the figure and this is the first time I have seen printing on the hands and feet of a Minimate.







Other MiniMate SpiderMen 



At Toy Fair 07 Diamond Select Toys showed a wave of Spider-Man MiniMates that were not based on the Spider-Man3 movie, but it had many of the same characters as appear in SM3. On the back of the box it mentions Spider-man3 MiniMates coming Summer of 2007.


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