As many of you have seen (and tasted now) Hardees/Carl’s Jr. restaraunts have started their much heralded Justice League Unlimited Kids Meal promotion.  The big 3 are represented in figural form and a wee card game in this bunch.

I was fortunate that a nice Carl’s Jr. employee (ironically named "Ronald) was willing to dig through the bags and find all four JLU toys at the first Carl’s Jr. that I visited. 


The Group





The  toy in the set closest to an action figure is the Superman toy.   He’s just about the same size as the Mattel JLU Superman, he’s articulated at the neck and shoulders.  He has a "light-pipe" in his back that supposed to make his S-sheild appear to light up.

The one I have doesn’t stand very well, but I like how he looks more up-right than the Mattel figure.  I just wish he had a more on model head.  








The Batman figure has a permanant graple feature that we have seen many, many times before.   There’s no release button so as soon as you pull the grapple out Batman starts climbing.  




Wonder Woman has some "magic lasso" feature.  You blow into a pipe that sticks out of that backpack thing and the string flys around.  She comes with a stand. 



I"ll admit, I haven’t actually read the rules to the card game as of this writing.   As I understand it is is a variation of the card game "war."   There are 12 heroes cards and 12 villians cards.  The cards are much smaller than I expected they would be.


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