I’ll admit…. I’ve been resisting picking up the Mattel CARS line based on the Disney/Pixar film.  I love the movie.  I love the products Mattel is doing… I just don’t need another line to collect.

   I follow the threads about the line on the boards, I followed how difficult they have been to find all the way through Christmas… I’ve even picked some of them up in Toys R us and carried them around the store.   But I eventually talk myself out of them telling myself "I’m not a Hot Wheels/car guy" and put them back.   But I love Pixar… and I’m still a bit of a Disney nut from my years there… and my daughter really loves the movie and the Mattel designs are so spot on… and then it happened.  A friend bought me one the the 3-packs.  …



ggrrrrrrrraaaaarrrgh!!!!!….. OK!  I’m IN!!!!!!


Yes.  Now I have almost a complete set and my struggle is whether to keep them all carded, because the card design is SO nice, or to open them all up.   *sigh* 

 So for you folks as hooked as I am here is the latest batch released by Mattel: (Click on the thumbnails for larger versions)


Bling Bling McQueenTounge McQueen

Bling Bling McQueen (with fancy Piston Cup Hubcaps "Ker-CHOW!"), Tounge McQueen 

Dinoco Chick Hicks Tex Dinoco

Dinoco Chick Hicks, Tex Dinoco 

Ferrari F430 RPM #64

Ferrari F430, RPM #64 


 Cruisin’ Ramone and Bug Mouth McQueen


I still have not seen the Yeti anywhere yet.  If you come across it be sure to post on the Cars thread on the Mattel message board.

I have heard that there is a good chance we will see some more new Cars product revealed next month at Comic Con international!



The New Cardback 

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