Today we take a look at the Toys R Us exclusive 12" Cyborg Superman. 

Mattel seems to release these figures in pairs, and this grouping of the new Batman sculpt and Cyborg Superman follow that pattern.  The Batman is in stores now, and the Cyborg Superman will be along shortly.  The interesting change from the first wave of Batman and Superman last year is that instead of billing these as just 12" figures they are touting them as "2-Ups" much like Mattel displays at conventions when they unveil figures.


The 12"/2-Up versions loose some articulation from their 6" counter parts.    The 12" version has a ball-jointed head, semi-ball jointed shoulders, elbows, waist, hip swivel and knee articulation. 



He comes with a "S-Shield" base 


Seen with the 6" DC Direct version and the 12" Harbro Marvel Legends Icons Dr. Doom 



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