Going off the topic of toys today to celebrate something significant.  Specifically my family, even more specifically my grandparents as they both have events the first week in July.   There will be 2 family posts back to back and then we’ll get back to toys.

Today is my (maternal) grandparents anniversary.   Their SIXTY-FIFTH wedding anniversary.  That’s an incredible amount of time to be married.  That’s slightly under two of my lifetimes.  They were married in their mid to late teens just before Grandpa went off to be a tail-gunner in some B-26s in WWII.

All marriages have their ups and downs and their trials and tribulations, but these folks have stood the test of time and they have done it with a grace that is an inspiration to everyone that has met them.  You can’t imagine one without the other.  In a time where… what’s the statistic up to now?  HALF of all marriages end in divorce?   It’s incredible to see one last this long and still work.   They are God-loving farm folks that made it through the great depression, made it through being a world apart during World War two, raised three children, seven grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, droughts, floods and fires…  they’ve seen it all and they still wake up in the morning and say "I choose you."

 I wish I were back in Oklahoma to celebrate with them and the rest of my family today, but since I can’t do that, this will serve as my salute!   

I love you guys!   You’ve taught me about life, love and what’s really important.   Here’s to 65 more!   God bless you.



My grandparents circa 1943


My grandparents circa 1987 

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