After my last Cars blog I got a few emails from other folks that had been fighting the Cars urges only to be lured in by it’s siren song.   One such email also told me about a recent variation found that many folks have been speculating about- the red-wheeled Hudson Hornet.


Hudson Hornet Comparison 

The rumors were that it was a rare variant, or a Target exclusive.    I had found the regular Hornet a few days before hearing of the red one.  Then I found a red wheeled one last weekend at a Target store.  I emailed the gang at Mattel to find out the answer to this riddle.   

It turns out that this is a running change and that all Hudson Hornets from here on will have the red wheels.  I know there are several on Ebay currently selling as "rare," don’t you believe it.


Silver Wheeled Version Red Wheeled Version

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