So… I blame IronCow.   Yep.  This is Matt’s fault.    Of course, I have really enjoyed watching the first 2 seasons of the new Dr. Who series on the Sci Fi Network and BBC America.  And, yes I was looking forward to the new season starting back on July 6th.  Yeah, I watched a bit of Dr. Who on PBS as a younger man.  

I saw what Underground Toys was showing at ToyFair.   I knew eventually all of this stuff was going to be imported to the US.  But up until now I could justify not owning any of it becasue of import prices and the difficulty of tracking it all down.   I knew that it was all starting to creep over to the states… and then there was that picture that Matt kept posting on several boards of his Who shelf


Then, after a pre-Comic Con lunch there were some links from Bill aka FreshMonkey. 

Here are a couple of links I have found to be useful for Dr who stuff. 

Good site for Dr who toy news and pics

also this is a good place to pick up figures cheaper. 

And a fun Dr who board 



And now suddenly, several minutes on line and a couple of hundred dollars later I’ve gone from ZERO Doctor Who figures… to over THIRTY Doctor Who figures.  

 And now I have a list of stuff that I’m still missing like the Auton 2-pack,the Harkness with Empty Child, the Empress and the Tardis playset that I need to find at Comic Con or on line.

I’m in.   Time to clear off a shelf for the good Doctor. 



**Update- And now, after comic con I find myself with another 10-ish figures including the Comic Con Exclusive damaged Cyberman and Assualt Dalek, Micky Smith,  Dalek Thay, two Auton 2-packs,  The 10th Doctor in his blue suit and Mutant Reveal Dalek.


Now I just need a lead on a Captain Jack/Empty Child 2-pack, Dr. Constantine, Gelth Zombie and Chip!!!

Also, let me know when Dalek Sec Hybrid,  Novice Hame, and the Satan Pit set hit the states!

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