This past Saturday I woke up much earlier than I would have liked, and loaded into the "Van of Action" with a couple of AFi’s own Men of Action (SpyMagician,  Fresh Monkey and Scott Rogers) as well as a few other local collector friends (Flash Ah-ahhh!, BrianMan and Randy) and we headed out to that "wretched hive of scum and villainy" know as FRANK and SONS.   Now for those of you that are not familiar with Frank and Sons, in a nutshell it is a warehouse out in the City of Industry, CA that is full of roughly 100 scalper booths with about 10 reputable, legit dealers sprinkled in. Frank and Sons is the reason it’s SO hard to find anything new in the Los Angeles area.  It’s only open Wednesday and Saturday, so the scaplers spend the rest of the week hitting the stores for more fodder to mark up.   If you are a collector in So Cal you will recognize almost every face running each booth from from running into them in stores around time.

 Our main goal was to try to track down DC Universe Classics Wave 11 as we had heard a rumor that some dealers might be getting them in.  As we wandered up and down each aisle we started to loose hope as booth after booth told us the same story:  "Not yet", "Still on the docks waiting to be unloaded" or "Having Veteran’s Day in the middle of the week messed up shipping."

We had all but given up hope of finding them that day… then at the next to the last booth on the VERY LAST ROW….

DCUC 11 at Frank and Sons 

He had five cases of wave 11 including the Deadman variant.  We saw the Super Powers style Steppenwolf, but did not see any of the green version.

And he only wanted $25 a figure!  We looked them over… and we left empty handed.

And the quest continues….

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