I was already working on this blog when Cantina Dan posted his on the same topic (with the same name even!)… to tell the truth I started this blog LAST Christmas and never got around finishing it.  

Like Dan my family was of a modest income being the son of two teachers, but they, with the help of Santa, always managed to blow my tiny mind every Christmas.  I didn’t write down the dates of any of these but I know my collecting went from MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes, to all things Batman, to Micronauts to Star Wars.  I’ll see if I can do my best to present them in order.

My mom has always been the biggest Christmas cheer-leader in our family.  She always put up our tree on the night of Thanksgiving so we could maximize our celebrating time.   I loved pouring over the department stores holiday catalogs every year and making my lists.   But mostly I LOVED getting toys for Christmas… and that has never changed.  :)

I think this is the earliest picture in the series since this is our old, old house. I’m not sure what it is that I’m holding, but that’s clearly a Batman next to my knee.  My older brother Russell has opened a Lone Ranger figure.


I loved all things Batman-  Here I am opening a Batman HALLOWEEN costume on Christmas.  As you can see I didn’t think that was strange at all and put it on immediately and played with the rest of my Christmas loot while still in costume.


This would be the next year, the first Christmas in our new house.   You can tell it’s a new house because there’s no other furniture in the living room yet.   The item of note is again by my knee… the first of MANY MEGO Batman figures… and it looks like that package that I’m working on is another MEGO figure. Could it be a Mego Joker?


Here’s Russell opening some microscope or something (NERD!) but right there next to him?  The Clown Prince of Crime- my MEGO Joker!


There’s me launching my life of ignoring sports equipment in favor of super hero (or villain) awesomeness- The Joker’s Van.   This was not actually made by MEGO, but the MEGO figures fit into it.  This was one of my all time favorite toys.  I SO wish I had that still.  There was also a black "Batman Mobile Crime Lab" version that I got earlier that year for my birthday.

In the next pictures you can see an appearance by Stretch Armstrong.

Joker's Van! 


Here’s a couple of shots of Russell opening some Six Million Dollar Man stuff.  The other shot is of Russell opening some kind of robot that I don’t recognize and don’t remember him having.  It sort of looks like a RoboForce character, but this would have been before that.



This is the same year over at my grandparents house with all the cousins.  Forgiving Great Uncle Ray for being the skinniest Santa in history you will notice my new MEGO Bat-Copter on the floor in both pictures.  *sigh* Wish I still had that one.

There’s a lot more to show for other years… but it’s Christmas so I should get back to my family.   So I’ll make this Part 1.

Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone for reading and supporting AFi this year.   I hope you have a great one!

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