If you haven’t watched LOST then there may be some spoilers here–  Just warning.

As I sit here watching the 2 hour recap of LOST before the 2 1/2 hour series finale I’m looking back on the past 6 years.   So much emphasis is being put on "will they answer all of our questions?" and I’m sit here pondering that question the answer comes back for me personally -  It doesn’t matter.   Of course I’d LIKE a satisfying resolution to the series, but for me, it’s been such an enjoyable journey it doesn’t really matter. I watch a lot of television, some of it better than others.  I watch dramas, comedies, animated shows. reality shows, sci-fi, shows from the UK… maybe too much TV.    There’s a lot of crap out there, so you really have to look to find the pearls.  I try so seek out SMART TV.  I’m not watching "The Hills" or anything like that.  LOST fits into my wheelhouse.

My favorite shows are always ones that try to surprise me and that’s what LOST has always had in spades.  For six years, six seasons, week after week they blindsided me.   I never watched an episode and at the end thought "yeah.  That’s enough LOST for tonight."  Every time as I was fast-forwarding through the last commercial break week in and week out I would think and sometimes SAY "ah, man.. there’s only 9 minuets left."  There are so many shows that are predictable.  There are so many shows that follow the same formula.  LOST never did.  As soon as you thought you had… may not a handle on it… maybe a thread you could hold onto, they would change it up again.  I always appreciate it.   That’s why some of my favorite shows in recent history are things like: The Wire, The Shield, Battlestar Galactica and LOST.   These were shows where the creative teams were really trying to do something fresh and different.

I know there are lots of people that think it "Jumped the Shark" or that season 4 was bad, but I loved it.  Week in and week out it was something that I looked forward to.   I had this conversion with Jesse Falcon of Marvel/Toy Biz back around series 3 and his theory was that people that grew up reading comic books had an easier time enjoying LOST than for people that didn’t.   LOST was written by people that loved comics as kids, they brought in current comic book writers for several seasons and it followed a very similar format.  Comic book fans can make those leaps of faith that LOST demands – time travel, ghosts, people who talk to dead people.

I loved searching for clues each week.  I loved looking for examples of "the numbers" showing up in each episode. I loved talking about the show with friends.  I loved re-watching episodes as new information was revealed. I loved that they never dumbed the show down as the viewership changed.  

Hatches, Other, Polar Bears, Smoke Monsters, Numbers, Men in Black, Glowy-Caves, Men of Science, Men of Faith, Immortals, Flashbacks, Flashforwards, Flash-sideways.   I loved every second of it.   I’ll enjoy watching it all over again at some point, but I’ll miss it starting next week.

So for me, what is the island?  What does it all mean? I don’t care.  I’ve had such a good time watching that all that will just be the icing on the cake.

Thank you to all the cast and crew of LOST.   It’s been an amazing ride.  So much drama, so much suspense, so much fun. 

Ok… it’s time for the last episode.  I’m going to post this and shut my laptop off so nothing gets spoiled.  See you all in 2 1/2 hours.




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