I’ve done pretty well with my Christmas shopping.   I got almost all of it wrapped up last week.   There’s always a few stragglers, and sometimes a few folks you forget you need to buy a gift for them. 

Such is the case of me having to buy something for my cousin’s kids (what ARE they anyway?  My 3rd cousins?  My Great-Cousins?)  Even though, every year at the BIG family Christmas we SAY don’t buy for all the kids… everyone DOES.  So now, with a kid of my own I gotta get in on it, because they are all going to get something for Paige.

The two boys LOVE Transformers.  Easy, right?   Turns out, NO.   As you’ll recall over the summer there was a fair amount of Transformers product, then the movie hit and there was NO product to be found.   Then it built back up and there was what SEEMED like a glut of Transformer stuff.

But, people, I’m here today to tell you that in the past 48 hours in the great state of Oklahoma, in the Targets, Toys R Us’ and Walmarts across the plains there’s not a Transformer to be found! It’s almost comical how empty the pegs are.   There’s the occasional Flypaper wall banner of Bumble Bee keychain, but other than that?  Zipo! Nada.  Zilch.  Goose Egg.

Of course, being the rabid collector that I am I pride myself on being able to find hard to find toy items, so I’m not giving up!  And it gives me an excuse to keep going out and looking at all of the toy aisles.

 Kudos to Hasbro for having a super hot license.   I have a feeling that there will be SEVERAL Transformers sequels if the product keeps selling like this!

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