Really   Seriously?

So just before the holidays I placed a fairly large order of Star Wars figures and a few Marvel Legends I was missing because I had two codes that when used together gave me about 25% off my full order.

I got the majority of the order in one box, about 10 figures.  Because my order was over $50 I was to receive a $10 gift card for the site.   It showed up two days later with one more figure, the A Wing pilot.  He came in a much smaller box, about the size of a carded Star Wars figure.  I say ABOUT the size of of a carded Star Wars figure because the box is really about a half inch SMALLER than a carded Star Wars figure.  But that didn’t stop them from jamming it in there anyway.

Now I’m not a big MOC guy, especially when it comes to Star Wars, but doesn’t it seem a bit silly in 2007 that you would bend up cards while you had the word "collector" in the name?   Why would you even have that size of boxes on hand?   Dumb.  



Again, it doesn’t make that much difference to me.  I’ve already opened him.  But there are people in this hobby, and most of you probably know one or two that it would be a BIG deal if they got something like this in the mail. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that a group created to cater to collectors would do something like that. 

File under "S" for silly. 



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