I’m a big fan of articulation.   Ever since i witnessed what was possible starting with the first wave of Marvel Legends I’ve been on board the super-articulation train.   I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but for me, the more useful articulation the better.

That being said, it’s a little odd that I like this figure so much.


You see, this is an "action" figure… of a statue.  

The Weeping Angels made an appearance in Season 3 of the new Dr. Who series in an episode titled "Blink." Blink was such an amazing episode, it is now the episode I show people when I convince them to come on board and watch the new Dr. Who series.  It is a GREAT self contained, suspenseful, CREEPY episode.   You really don’t need ANY knowledge of Dr. Who to enjoy it.

The figure itself is not a statue.   Character Options/Underground actually gave the figure a bit more articulation that it needed.


As you can see there is articulation at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, wings and waist.  There is a second version of this figure with a new head called the "Screaming Angel"  that I have yet to see show up in the states.  It’s a great figure for Underground because every Dr. Who fan will need four of these.  I have two so far.  When the screaming version is released I’ll pick up the other two I need.


I love the new Dr. Who figures.  Bill and Matt got me hooked on the things, and since "Blink" is one of my favorite episodes, the weeping angel becomes one of my favorite figures in the line. 



The new season of Dr. Who starts up again on April 18th on the SciFi Channel (yeah!)


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