I like Star Wars as much as the next fan.   I’ve been buying Star Wars figures since I first sent away for the Early Bird kit back in 1978.  I’ve bought almost every version of every classic trilogy (and some assorted new trilogy) figure since Hasbro fired them back up in 1996.   I like the obscure characters and I LOVE having a Sandcrawler full of droids, a cantina full of aliens and a a Jabba’s palace shelf full of scum and villainy… but I think we may have reached a tipping point with this most recent wave.

I picked up the new 2-1B figure from "Revenge of the Sith" and as I’m looking it over… I notice something odd on the back of the card.   Let’s see if you can spot it too…

(go ahead and click on the image to see the larger version) 


Give up? 

Did you spot it?

My beef is 2-1B… NOT on the card!   Sure there’s a picture of the FIGURE on the card, but the screen shot, the only one they could find (?) is just a glowing eye and part of a tube under Vader’s elbow.  Really?  That’s the BEST picture you could find?

So here’s the new rule I propose: 

If you can’t find a screen shot of the character…maybe he/she/it doesn’t need a figure! 

Is it just me on this one people?  




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