As I was walking the showroom floor at Toy Fair in NYC back in February I came across a small booth over by the Mezco booth with two guys sitting at a table.   These two guys were working hard, trying to interest passer-by buyers in their invention- The Yule Tool.   They were angling for the moms and grandmas market, but I thought it was something we can ALL use!

Their motto was "Snip, Snip- Here’s your Toy!"

Basically the "Yule Tool" is a pair of wire clippers that has  one of the handles is also a Phillips’s head screwdriver (for the battery compartments).  It also comes with a small retractable exacto knife, which would be even cooler if they could some how attach it by a chain to the other handle so it wouldn’t get lost.  Maybe they can make that happen in version 2.0.

I talked to the guys briefly when they handed me my sample and told them they should include the collector market in there sales plan because NO ONE deals with more twist ties than us!

I’ve got my by my sample one by my photography station and have used it many times already and I love it!

In looking at their website over at it doesn’t look like they are quite ready to sell to the general public yet and that they are still collecting orders for manufacturing.  I hope this is something that Wal-Mart is smart enough to pick up and carry year-around in the toy aisles, and not just as a seasonal item.  

They should have final product and possibly a new name later this year.  According to their website:

    We have a little work on the packaging and some quality issues but we are ready to take orders or please contact us and we will let you know when final product packaging is available.  Please check back in Early April and you can see the final package and order for this 08 Holiday season

I would also like to hear about names some suggested that Yuletool was limiting.
Others would be "Mom’s toy tool"  or just "Toy Tool"

I like this idea.  I’ll keep my eye on it and let you guys know when it’s available.  It’s something every collector should have.  I think it will give you back about an hour of your life each year depending on how many toys you buy each year!



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