I was in a local Target over the weekend, looking at the new Indiana Jones figures, giggling at the TERRIBLE Hulk figures and wondering why the Dark Knight figures are at any of the Targets in town, and I came across this:  


This picture is untouched and I didn’t move anything.  Look at the JLU pegs!  The Shade, Elongated Man and two Blue Devils right on top…but even that is not the most amazing thing.

The AMAZING thing is that in those four full pegs at that Target, there was NOT a SINGLE Batman OR Superman JLU figure!  Steel, Blue Devil, Vigilante, Shining Knight, The Shade, Huntress?  Yep all there.  Batman and Superman?  Nope!

Simply Amazing!  I hope that is the shape of things to come with the new JLU/Target relaunch. 

PS- Don’t get too excited about that Black Manta on the top peg.  He was the ONLY series 2 figure at the store.  Everything else was wave 1. 


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