Masters of the Universe Classics: He-Ro CCI Version Review
June 9, 2009

Coming soon to the Comic Con International in San Diego, CA…



Up for review is none other than the "Heroic Cosmic Warrior,"  He-Ro!

 He-Ro will go on sale first at the upcoming Comic Con International this July in San Diego, CA, and then on

The figure reviewed is the CCI version, and includes a CCI logo tampo printed on his chest, underneath his removable armor.   The version, which goes on sale after CCI, will not have this deco.

The figure also includes one of 3 different colored Gems inside his power staff, in this case, purple:


He-Ro also includes a translucent Power Sword with a silver speckle paint-op that mimics a starfield.  Early samples include a clear gray Power Sword, while the final production version will have a clear blue Power Sword, reminiscent of the Power Sword included with the vintage Masters of the Universe Weapons Pack.


Both accessories are cleanly molded in rigid plastic, so no worries of droopy accessories.

He-Ro’s armor, however is molded in flexible PVC and includes an attached cape.


The armor is removable, simply remove He-Ro’s head, and seperate the armor below the arms where it attaches with 2 pairs of pegs.   It fits snuglyyet is easy to remove. 

Like Hordak, He-Ro’s armor only covers his upper torso, while the abdominal armor effect is created by painting his chest and back gold to match the armor.  This has been a rather controversial design choice among fans, but I think it works well enough, as it matches the look of his vintage prototype and allows him to retain his mid-chest articulation while armored.  Basically it’s the old "form vs. function" debate, and in this case Mattel and the 4 Horsemen went with playability over looks, which is usually my preference.


He-Ro primarily uses the He-Man "Hero" body type, but has a fair amount of new armor and costume parts.  He has a totally new loincloth, boots and forearm armor.

 He-Ro’s bio also finally firmly establishes him in the MOTU continuity:

(full size image of the bio is here:


The ever controversial "Real Name" saga continues, though in this case he’s actually given a name to replace his original, as he was once known as "Gray" while now he’s named "Ro."  (Thanks to the board members at for pointing this out.)  We also see mention of once again of the "Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla."  It’s a shame we can’t have Filmation characters in the MOTUC line, as it seems Uncle Montork, Dree-Elle and Yuckers may in fact have gotten quite a promotion… ūüėČ

All in all, He-Ro is a fine addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics line, and whether you get the CCI version or the version, he’ll be a welcome addition to your collection!



‘Til Next Time!




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  • sam moreno says:

    SWEET! When’s this guy going on sale?

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      He’ll be on sale July 23-26 at Comic Con International, then most likely the Monday after the Convention on!

  • Oddjob says:

    You get everything first!

  • Fallen Eldor says:

    The original story was a lot better…

    [From the back of the dinosaurs & giants figures of 1987]
    “Travel back in time through a secret time portal–and discover the ORIGIN of THE POWERS OF GRAYSKULL! Learn how He-Man became so strong! And explore the magical world of Preternia–home of HE-RO, the Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe! Monstrous dinosaurs and fierce giants–both good and evil–struggle for control of this strange & hostile land! The dinosaurs in the time of Grayskull–Tyrantisaurus Rex, Bionatops and Turbodactyl–each possess a fantastic mechanical power! Can HE-RO master all the good magic of the Ancient Wizards, and protect future Eternia from forever falling in the claws of evil? Look For HE-RO and The Powers of Grayskull coming your way in 1987!”

    [from a 1987 license kit never published]
    Name: Gray
    Identity: Secret (ancestor of He-Man and She-Ra)
    Real Name: Hero, alter ego of Gray
    Role: First recipient of the Powers of Grayskull and original leader of the heroic forces in prehistoric Eternia against the evil Dino Reptilian Kingdom
    Power: As well as possessing the fabulous strength of He-Man, He-Ro has another power uniquely his own. It is the power of natural magic: an ability to magically influence elements of nature. He-Ro draws his power from the Book of Transformation.
    Character Profile: Reared under the tuteledge of his mentor, ELDOR, and the tribal chieftess, Sharella, Gray was one day mysteriously drawn to a nearby cave. There, in darkness and in light, he was invested with the newly evolved powers that would change his his life and alter the course of history in Eternia. The exact details of what transpired in that cave have remained secret, but Eldor has made cryptic allusions‚Ķreferences to the boy’s mysterious past, to an amazing legacy‚Ķ and an awesome task which Gray accomplished that day in the cave. By placing one hand on his heart, flexing the other arm into a muscle and incanting, “Magic and strength‚Ķtempered by heart!” Gray causes an amazing transformation to occur, becoming the He-Ro of Grayskull and announcing, “I stand for Peace!”
    Weapons: He-Ro channels his energy through a marvelous staff which can direct a magic ray to specific parts of the environment, causing the likes of inanimate rocks, rivers, and trees to respond to his commands.
    Note: With powers of this scope, it might seem ludicrous to suggest any way in which He-Ro could be less powerful than He-Man. But He-Man does have one power He-Ro lacks: the power of wisdom and maturity. He-Ro is younger and still learning to use his powers.

    • Naughty Boy says:

      By placing one hand on his heart, flexing the other arm into a muscle and incanting, ‚ÄúMagic and strength‚Ķtempered by heart!‚ÄĚ – this line would make the Carebears proud

  • MegaGearX says:

    “‚ÄėTil Next Time!”

    Nice nod to the Filmation Morals.

  • Jeff Cope says:

    Awesome review, as usual. Can’t wait to get this guy next month!

  • Its says:

    Don’t know if its the lighting or Photoshop work ūüôā but the first pic looks great. A first day buyer for this guy. I’m skipping Hordak and Man-At-Arms plus Tri-Klops the same month. If He-Ro goes on sale on August 14 or 17th (15th is a Saturday that month), he is SO bought!

  • GrtEternal says:

    AWESOME! Not liking the SDCC sticker but I can ignore it. Too bad about the sword. I’m actually hoping that they’ll have the sparkly grey one for SDCC and the blue one for Matty but that’s a minor inconvenince that can be easily set aside.

    I’m with Fallen Eldor here. I like the original history better than the new one but to each his own.

    Looking forward to He-Ro! That’s for sure! ūüėČ

  • keldor18 says:

    I’m going with the new bios all the way!!! let’s see where MATTEL takes this!!

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  • luka colicci says:

    Well, i’m a motu fan but (i have to say this)this figure looks like a character ready for a Gay Parade or something gay with that outfit and that color. sorry just my opinion.

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