Masters of the Universe Classics: The Chronology (UPDATED to include Battle Ground Teela, Catra, Clawful, The Faceless One, Panthor, and Sy Klone!!!)
May 2, 2011

The following is based entirely on the Masters of the Universe Classics bios and is organized according to the facts contained therein, as well as logical conjecture.  It will continue to grow and evolve as more MOTUC toys are released.

I’ll answer any questions you have in the comments section.  Or, you can contact me directly, or follow me, on Twitter.



The Chronology


Long Ago…

-The Horde Empire rises.  Evil again outweighs the forces of good in the five dimensions.

-At the behest of THE NAMELESS ONE, KING HSSS leads an army of Snake Men to Eternia, plundering its magic secrets.

-The Arachna, an advanced, dominant race of Eternian Spider Warriors, are driven underground by the Snake Men.

HEC-TOR KUR is born; second heir in succession to the Horde Empire.

-The Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla give the Sword of He to the cosmic warrior RO with the edict he, “go forth and combat evil.”  He is also assigned a Trollan guide to watch over and advise him in his quests.

-The Horde kidnaps GUR’RULL GU’RROOOWARRRK, a peaceful, young, 428 year-old creature from the planet Jungulia.  His memory is erased and he is renamed GRIZZLOR.

-C’YRA OF D’RILUTH III, a deposed monarch from the Tri-Star System, joins the Horde and is given a magic mask enabling her to, among other secret powers, transform into a pather.  She becomes known as CATRA.

HORDE SUPREME infects HE-RO with a techno-organic virus and sends him through a vortex to the magic planet Eternia.


Preternia: The Great War

D’VANN GRAYSKULL is driven to rebel against three centuries of oppressive Snake Men rule when his brother is captured and eaten.  His rebellion quickly grows.

TYTUS leaves his home in the mountains of Perpetua after his herd of dinosaurs develops strange techno parts. 

D’VANN GRAYSKULL is declared king for his courage, compassion, wisdom, and strength.  He appoints a Council of Elders to rule alongside him, ZODAC ZUR and NIKOLAS POWERS, charged with protecting the Havoc Staff and Ram Stone, among them.  Zodac’s protégé, KAR-TOR, serves as the Council’s enforcer.

HE-RO, locked in battle with HEC-TOR KUR, GRIZZLOR, and CATRA, arrives on Eternia.

ELDOR immerses HE-RO in a mystical pool, which absorbs his virus and cures him.  In gratitude, HE-RO swears to help KING GRAYSKULL free Eternia from the Snake Men and the Horde invaders.

HEC-TOR KUR adopts the name HORDAK and raises an army to challenge the Snake Men for control of the planet, igniting a three-way war.

TYTUS arrives in the village of Grayskull seeking help.  He joins KING GRAYSKULL in battle against the Snake Men and the Horde.

KREANN’OT N’HOROSH, an ancient Eternian nature god, aids KING GRAYSKULL in his cause.

Arriving from almost five centuries in the future, a disguised HE-MAN quickly allies himself with KING GRAYSKULL and HE-RO.

During a temporary truce with the Snake Men and the Horde, TYTUS helps construct one of the Three Towers.

NIKOLAS POWERS marries and has a daughter, violated the Elders’ truce with KING HSSS regarding the prohibition of heirs.  He is stripped of his humanity, confined to his homeland of Zalesia, and forced to watch it destroyed by Serpos.

-Nikolas Powers, now known as the FACELESS ONE, beseeches HE-RO to use the power of the Central Tower to send his daughter into the future, so that he may use his immortality to raise her away from The Great War.

HE-RO is killed in battle and bequeaths his sword to KING GRAYSKULL.

TYTUS builds a mighty fortress for King Grayskull, incorporating the symbol of the Cosmic Warriors into the entrance as a tribute to the fallen He-Ro.


The Ultimate Battleground

TYTUS heroically sacrifices his life to stop the rampaging giant MEGATOR.

HE-MAN, still disguised, turns the tide of the battle, allowing KING GRAYSKULL and his allies to claim victory.


-Kar-Tor, now calling himself ZODAK, uses the power of his staff to trap KING HSSS in the Void.

KING GRAYSKULL banishes HORDAK, GRIZZLOR, and CATRA to the dimension of Despondos.

HE-MAN, having learned the secret to defeating the Snake Men, returns to his own time.



KING GRAYSKULL passes his essence into the Sword of He with his dying breath, ensuring only his heirs will be able to wield it and tap into the great power with which it harmonizes.

-The Council of Elders, gifted with the Wisdom of Ages, secretly know the twin warriors of the Great Prophecy will be born on their planet, so they make a bargain with the Overlords of Trolla.  ZODAC ZUR is sent to join the Cosmic Enforcers, beings tasked with

maintaining neutrality in the universe.  In exchange, the Overlords of Trolla allow the Power Sword of He to remain on Eternia in the Elders’ care.

-The Power of the Universe is transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders, who then split the sword in two and transmute its power into a great orb inside Castle Grayskull to be protected by VEENA, King Grayskull’s devoted and loving widow.

-The Council of Elders’ spirit guide, a creature known as THE GODDESS of Eternia, trains a series of secret heroic guardians to keep the two halves of the Power Sword separated.  Many of these brave warriors take the name “He-Man” in honor of the sword they protect.  The first of these is VIKOR, a great master of the battle axe from the north.  He battled the remaining renegade Snake Men and protected the Valley of Gnarl from the Fighting Foe Men.

Among the later warriors to protect the Sword of He is WUN-DAR, from deep in the savage, underground city of Tundaria who, after rescuing THE GODDESS, is given cosmic battle armor and a sophisticated ray gun capable of tapping into almost unlimited power.


Almost Five Centuries Later…

-Evil mystics in the Dunes of Doom raise MARZO KALIF to be a fifth-degree wizard.

-Shifty bounty hunter KARAK NUL tries repeatedly, and unsuccessfully, to break into Castle Grayskull, obsessed with the countless legends it contains the power to be Master of the Universe.

RANDOR, the second son of King Miro, is born.

-After their father’s untimely death, Sub-Ternian TORRANT KRAZUT grows up bitter under the rule of his older brother CERETUS.

The infant EVELYN MORGAN POWERS, sent from 500 years in the past, arrives in the ruins of Zalesia and is raised by her father, The FACELESS ONE.

KRONIS, an insane criminal from the dimension of Infinita, is jailed in an intergalactic prison.

-Renowned tactician DEKKER trains DUNCAN in the ways of weapons and combat.

-Upon his death, KARAK NUL is cursed and banished to the dimension of Infinita, forever chained to his past crimes.


The Count Marzo Uprisings

-COUNT MARZO, driven by the suffering of evil warriors in the Dark Hemisphere, creates a race of Shadow Beasts and stages a series of strategic uprisings across Eternia to challenge King Miro for his crown.

-Unable to defeat the king’s army, COUNT MARZO uses his magic amulet to banish KING MIRO to another dimension.

PRINCES RANDOR and KELDOR join forces with their brothers to drive the Shadow Beasts into the shadows of Mount Barathrum, defeat COUNT MARZO, and trap him in the body of a powerless old man.


The Great Unrest

PRINCE KELDOR is banished from the royal palace, in part due to distrust of the rare, blue-skinned Gar race.

RAQQUILL RQAZZ is banished from his home in the Vine Jungle.

-Taking the name EVIL-LYN, Evelyn Morgan Powers leaves her home in a fit of teenage rebellion and sets off to learn about the dark arts.

KELDOR rescues a dylinx cub from a hunter’s pit in the Corridors of Lithos and names him PANTHOR after a tribal story his Gar mother told him.  Panthor becomes totally loyal to Keldor.

HORDAK, trapped in the dimension of Despondos, makes contact with KELDOR, agreeing to teach the young alchemist about the dark arts in exchange for Keldor’s help freeing Hordak from his extra-dimensional prison.

KELDOR decides to unite Eternia under his command.

-Already a practitioner of the dark arts, EVIL-LYN meets KELDOR, who helps increase her power.  She falls in love with him and joins his cause.

KELDOR frees a group of evil warriors from an intergalactic prison, KRONIS among them.

RANDOR is appointed captain of his father’s guard and leads Miro’s troops, including DUNCAN, in battle against Keldor’s growing rebellion.

-During a skirmish on the Berserker Islands, KELDOR meets RAQQUILL RQAZZ and accepts the beast man into his ranks.

TORRANT KRAZUT leaves Sub-Ternia and strikes a deal with KELDOR to help lead a raid against Captain Randor’s army, but Keldor’s plan fails and Torrant is banished from Sub-Ternia for betraying his family.  He remains in Keldor’s employ.

KRONIS, after serving Keldor for years, grows ambitious and raises an army of his own to someday challenge his master.

-Looking to bolster his weakened forces, KELDOR recruits interdimensional bounty hunter and tracker TRYDOR ESOONIUX SCOPE to his cause.

CAPTAIN RANDOR fatally wounds KELDOR in battle and locks him and his evil warriors behind the Mystic Wall.



KELDOR appeals to his master HORDAK to save his life.  Hordak merges Keldor’s body with the extra-dimensional being DEMO MAN from Despondos, creating SKELETOR, Overlord of Evil.

-The Council Of Elders appoints CAPTAIN RANDOR king of Eternia in recognition of his victory over Keldor and his forces.

-GYGOR, lord of the Vine Jungle, leads an army of beast men in a series of raids against the long-forgotten Castle Grayskull, believing the many tales of its great and mysterious power.

OO-LARR, the jungle He-Man, and THE GODDESS defeat GYGOR and place him in a state of suspended animation.


The Reign of King Randor 

-Twins ADORA and ADAM are born into the House of Randor.

THE SORCERESS of Castle Grayskull, realizing King Randor’s twin children, as direct descendants of King Grayskull, were prophesized to wield his power, magically clones the Sword of He and enhances it with the Stone of Protection so each twin will have a key to unlock the Power of Grayskull.

KING RANDOR asks DUNCAN to become his Man-At-Arms and create an elite strike team called The Masters of the Universe to fortify the royal guard.  Among those chosen as Masters are STRATOS, Lord of Avion and the Gar SY KLONE, former protector of the Legacy Stones and Last Defender of Anwat Gar.  The nature god Kreann’ot n’Horosh, now known through urban legend as MOSS MAN, often aids the group.

-Now charged with the protection of the royal family, the Eternian Palace guard, under LT. SPECTOR, are often called to aid the Masters of the Universe.

HORDAK, learning of King Randor’s twins, tasks SKELETOR with their abduction. 

-Still trapped behind the Mystic Wall, SKELETOR creates a suit of battle armor to help him pierce it.  He kidnaps PRINCESS ADORA, sending her to Etheria in the Dimension of Despondos, and creates an infant clone of THE SORCERESSMAN-AT-ARMS successfully protects PRINCE ADAM and recovers the clone baby.  With three strikes of his mighty battle axe, OO-LARR destroys SKELETOR’S battle armor and sends him back behind the Mystic Wall.

MAN-AT-ARMS adopts THE SORCERESS’S cloned daughter, calling her TEELA.

-With the BEAST MAN Raqquill Rqazz now his chief henchman and Torrant Kruzat, now known as WHIPLASH, his brute squad enforcer, SKELETOR emerges from behind the Mystic Wall and gathers the greatest outcasts and evil warriors together.  In doing so, he casts a spell of light, summoning the cursed bounty hunter KARAK NUL from the dimension of Infinita.  With his evil warriors in place, Skeletor embarks on a continuing quest to gain entry to Castle Grayskull; home of what he believes is the universe’s ultimate power source.

EVIL-LYN, angered over SKELETOR’s complete loss of emotional attachment to her, remains at his side, but begins to scheme against him.

-Provided with a Scythe of Doom, Karak Nul is soon known as SCAREGLOW.

-ARANEUS, son of Raknus, one of the last surviving Arachna, wakes from hibernation beneath Snake Mountain and occasionally allies himself with Skeletor under the name WEBSTOR.

BEAST MAN learns to control the Shadow Beasts of Mount Barathrum and adds them to Skeletor’s forces.

-An accident leaves Trydor Esooniux Scope blind.  Donning a tri-optic visor, he takes the name TRI-KLOPS.

SKELETOR defeats KRONIS’s army, destroys his jaw and left arm, and leaves him for dead.

TRI-KLOPS recovers the fallen Kronis and, with the addition of an iron jaw and cybernetic arm, resurrects him as TRAP JAW, evil and armed for combat.

-The Overlords of Trolla assign ORKO, a powerful mage and member of the magical elite, to watch over PRINCE ADAM, but the hidden mystical properties of Eternia reduce his magiks to little more than entertaining tricks.

-Young PRINCE ADAM saves CRINGER, a member of the Green Tiger Tribe, from a parek-narr, earning a devoted companion for life.

-A member of the Karikoni, a race of crustacean warriors, known as CLAWFUL saves BEAST MAN‘s life from a Seclopoid attack.  EVIL LYN casts a spell and the dull-witted Clawful becomes a keen warrior and strategist for Skeletor.

TEELA acquires the Staff of Ka.

-SQUIDISH REX, ruler of the undersea realms of Eternia, is driven to the surface after his kingdom is destroyed in a battle with rival ocean clans.  Branded with the name MER-MAN, he is forced to periodically serve SKELETOR from his lair deep beneath the Sea of Rakash.

TEELA, at age 18, becomes Captain of the Eternian Palace Guard and a de facto member of the Masters of the Universe. 

PRINCE ADAM uses a techno vest with a built-in force field to battle evil.

MAN-AT-ARMS helps create an electronic version of the Power Sword for PRINCE ADAM to use.

-Aided by CRINGER and ORKO, PRINCE ADAM quests to find and unite both halves of the Power Sword of He.

PRINCE ADAM combines both halves of the Power Sword and channels the energy of the Elders to become HE-MAN, the most powerful man in the universe.

HE-MAN uses the power of the Sword of He to enhance Cringer, creating BATTLE CAT, the fighting tiger of Eternia.

MAN-AT-ARMS builds FAKER, a robotic clone to cover for He-Man when Prince Adam is needed, but the robot is abandoned in the royal junkyard after his first mission.

TRI-KLOPS salvages FAKER from the royal junkyard.

SKELETOR initiates a sky war, driving TZZZZT ZZZ ZZTTTZZ, heroic king of the Adreenids, to join the Masters of the Universe.  Codenamed BUZZ-OFF, he often teams with MEKANECK on spy missions.

-Tapping further into the great power his sword unlocks, PRINCE ADAM uses the combined Power of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Elders to create battle armor for HE-MAN.

-In order to combat He-Man’s new protection, SKELETOR reforges his own battle armor, stronger, but without magical properties.

MAN-AT-ARMS builds ROBOT MODEL 9041 as a chess opponent for MAN-E-FACES, who nicknames it ROBOTO.

-Manipulated by KOBRA KAHN, EVIL-LYN opens the Snake Pit, unwittingly releasing KING HSSS from his interdimensional prison.

THE SORCERESS uses the combined power of the Central Tower and the Cosmic Key to send a disguised HE-MAN back to Preternia.

MAN-AT-ARMS creates a heart-shaped emotion program for ROBOTO who, understanding the desire for freedom, upgrades himself for battle and becomes chief strategist to the Masters of the Universe.

HE-MAN returns from the past with the secret to defeating the Snake Men.  Using this knowledge, he stops KING HSSS once and for all.

EVIL-LYN accidentally opens a portal to Etheria, allowing HORDAK to escape Despondos.

KING RANDOR forms the Council of Eternia; Qadian CHIEF CARNIVUS of Felis Quadi is among its members.

EVIL-LYN frees GYGOR from suspended animation to bolster Skeletor’s forces against the Horde army.

CLAMP CHAMP replaces DUNCAN as Man-At-Arms.


Meanwhile, on Etheria…

-After wandering Despondos for several centuries, HORDAK and his ageless army claim Etheria as a new throne world, deposing the local monarchs and ruling through fear.

-After she’s delivered to him by his minion SKELETOR, HORDAK raises ADORA as his own, eventually making her Horde Force Captain.

ADAM, as HE-MAN, arrives on Etheria and gives ADORA the cloned Sword of He, allowing her to become SHE-RA, the most powerful woman in the universe.

ADORA, both in and out of her SHE-RA guise, leads the Great Rebellion of Etheria against the Horde invaders.

HORDAK promotes CATRA, now jealous of She-Ra, to Force Captain.

 -KYLE RECCULA, a nobleman in QUEEN ANGELLA’S court, joins the Great Rebellion.  Nicknamed BOW,  he possesses a magical heart that beats frantically whenever She-Ra is in danger.

HORDAK discovers EVIL-LYN’s portal from Eternia to Etheria and uses it to escape.

SHE-RA discovers HORDAK’s escape route and, with several of her allies in tow, uses it to follow him to Eternia.


The Fall of the House of Randor

HORDAK arrives on Eternia and successfully leads the Horde in overthrowing KING RANDOR.

SKELETOR uses FAKER to convince the people of Eternia He-Man has betrayed KING RANDOR and turned to evil.

SHE-RA and her allies arrive on Eternia to discover KING RANDOR gone, the Masters of the Universe renegades, and the Horde in control.


The Second Ultimate Battleground

CLAWFUL leads a battalion of Skeleton Warriors.

KING HSSS mortally wounds THE SORCERESS with his venom.

TEELA takes the dying SORCERESS to the Elders’ training citadel in the Polar Ice Cap.  There, the Sorceress reveals Teela’s true identity as her magically cloned daughter; the next guardian of Castle Grayskull and its secrets.

 -Initially shocked, TEELA realizes in her heart the SORCERESS is her mother and trains with her at the Citidel until King Hssss’s venom finally claims her.


MOSS MAN is instrumental in the Masters’ victory.

TEELA returns to Castle Grayskull as its guardian, using her new magic to protect the Power of Grayskull and guard the safety of all Eternia.


New Adventures

-Setting his sights on commandeering the Horde Empire and conquering the universe, SKELETOR forms a coalition of space mutants and outcasts, the Denebrian spy OPTIKK among them. 

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    The other nice thing I realized reading all this in one place, is that the Evil Warriors are treated more like in the Mini-Comics than the Filmation series. I love the Filmation series, but the fact that most if not all the villains were reduced to ineffectual flunkies was not my favorite part. Much nicer to see the “villains” as a looser coalition of individual factions w/ their own motivations, goals and shifting alliances.

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    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

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      • Jason JJJason says:

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