Mattel & DC Panel Roundup!
July 19, 2013

Below is the summary for the MATTEL & DC Panel!  Live updates/edits as we get more information!

The Panel begins with Classic Batman TV Show line…



Catwoman is shown.

Batmobile – TRU Exclusive

Barbie Batman and Catwoman available later; Barbie Catwoman for sale at SDCC.

Classic Batman comic book, set in 1966 like the TV show.



First DC Mystery Line has been revealed – DC Comics Multiverse 4″ line. 14 points of articulation. On shelves Spring 2014. More reveals at NYCC.

6 figures per wave, 3 waves – 18 figures total

1st Wave is Batman Arkham video games
2nd Wave is Movies

Wave 1
Bane, Deadshot from Arkham Origins, and Batman, Azrael, Mr. Freeze, Batman Armored Edition from Arkham City

Wave 2
1989 Keaton Batman.



New 6″ line – “Total Heroes” developed with 4Horsemen. 14 points of articulation, on shelves Spring 2014!

$9.99 price, new interpretations that are stylized, closer to New52 costumes than classic. More kid-friendly.

Six of Ten are shown, rest at NYCC. Unrevealed female character will be in the line.

The Flash
Green Lantern

Black Manta 6″ $20 on MattyCollector exclusive

At the Panel is a Fan’s Choice – Panel room gets to vote!

Reverse Flash
Batman Beyond
Blue Beetle
OR customizable Hero Builder



Beware the Batman will have representation in 2014 toyline, no other details given.

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