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July 23, 2010



Target and Online retailers

Fall 2010 the "lost wave"


Superman Red

Superman Blue

Martian Manhunter (modern)


Red Tornado

Captain Atom


2011 Singles




B’wanna Beast w/ Wonder pig

Hro Talak



Matty: Darkseid and Kalibak, Parademon 2-pack


Fall 2010 3-packs

Gray Ghost, Batman, Joker

Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter, Superman

Deimos, Warlord, Supergirl

Adam Strange, Animal Man, repainted Starman

JSA Flash Jay, Green Lantern Alan, Hawkman Carter


Spring 2011 3-packs 

Blue Beetle, Fire (clear), Booster Gold

Toyman, Aquaman, Superman

Firestorm, Angle Man, Killer Frost


Retro Action

Modern Sinestro & Guy Gardner TOYS R US

Flash, Captain Cold

Wonder Woman, Cheetah

Captain Marvel, Black Adam

Martian Manhunter,Darkseid


Infinite Heroes

Starro Pack

2011 will be Green lantern focused



Wave 2: Hawkman vs Stratos – Stratos with reverse wings like the Classic

Aquaman vs Mer-Man – Aquaman with gold belt and copper highlight shirt


DC Classics

DCUC Golden Age Starman – will have his corrected cape, NOT Obsidian’s.

Wave 16, 6 figs /wave with a collect and connect bonus feature, early fall
-Azrael Batman
-Dick Grayson Robin Classic w/ 2 heads (variant)
nah Hex
-Collect & Connect Bane


Legion – 12 figure sets on Matty Collector, $180

-set with come with Proty and Legion flight ring


-Lightening Lad
-Saturn Girl
-Brainiac 5
-Chameleon Boy
-Ultra Boy
-Karate Kid
-Wild Fire
-Matter Eater
-Timber Wolf
-Colossal Boy


Green Lantern Classics – 2011

-Sneak Peek Pack – Hal Jordan vs Sinestro @ TRU – Sinestro with corrected body!

-some figures will have swappable heads and arms

-wave 2 will have original Red Lantern Figure created by Four Horsemen and named by Geoff Johns


-Mongul Sinestro Corp
-Black Hand
-Manhunter Robot
-Low (Sinestro Corp)
-Maash (Sinestro Corp)
-Black Lantern Abin Sur
-Collect & Connect Arkillo

-sneak peek of Green Lantern B’dg! 


Batman Brave and the Bold

Proto Batbot – voice by Ralph Garman

New Batman variants with Total Armor

New mini 2-packs



New Flash and Hawkman

Killer Croc

OA playset with Hal and Kilowog




Comic Batmobile color changers with flames

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