Mattel is NOT Done With The 1966 Batman Line!
October 7, 2013

I was out and about this week and ran into a couple of members of Mattel’s boys retail team and we got onto the topic of Yvonne Craig signing her likeness rights deal with Warner Brothers.  While they did not tell me any specifics they did tell me that the Classic TV 66 Batman stuff was selling very well for them and they were confused why so many collectors thought the line was ending after Catwoman ships in a few weeks.

They said that their announcement of the first wave of figures was only “That’s all we have to announce at this time for 2013.”   They were very careful in how they chose their words when they put out that answer.

What does that mean for 2014?    Maybe we will hear more this week at NYCC, or maybe we have to wait until Toy Fair in February to hear about any additional figures.  Time will tell.

They asked me if I could help clear up the confusion that they did NOT announce the end of the line.   So there you have it…




Daniel Pickett
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  • greenarrow says:

    I would LOOOOOOOOVE for them to make Bruce and Dick!!!!!

  • biggs33 says:

    No kidding, at minimum we’re missing Mr. Freeze (3 heads, one for each actor who played him) and Catwoman (ditto)!

  • George says:

    Maybe they should’ve added previously, look for an announcement at NYCC or more to come in 2014, so there wouldn’t have been any confusion.

  • Batwasp says:

    Maybe people thought what we had seen was it because on the August 15th Ask Matty on this site there was this:

    “Q2. Are there future waves of 1966 Batman figures planned beyond what has already been announced?”

    “A2. No, at this point you have seen all the 1966 figs including the awesome Batmobile”

    The answer did not state “in 2013”.I am happy there will be more though.

  • AirDave says:

    I’m hoping for a complete line. I’d like to see three different Catwomen, two Riddlers and Louie the Lilac. Definitely a Batcave! I missed the original Mego set, so I’m hoping this one develops.

  • Felix says:


  • Rick says:

    Pink Cowl Batman, Eartha Catwoman, Otto Mr. Freeze, King Tut, Egghead, Surfer Joker, Jacket Riddler and Batgirl are my most wanted.

  • CAL says:

    I would like to see: Batgirl, King Tutt, Eartha Kitt Catwoman, False Face, Bookworm, Joker with Joker utility belt, Riddler in full suit, Mr. Freeze.

  • Uncle Mikey says:

    From what I gather part of the problem is that they have to get rights from each actor (or their estate) to use their likeness (I don’t know why this has been such an issue for the Batman series, when so many other shows from the same timeframe are merchandized like crazy). In the Batman ’66 comic DC is publishing, I noticed that Alfred, Egghead and Chandell are drawn differently than the actors who played them…so I’d assume those likenesses are either being negotiated or off the table.

  • This is really great news. I was really disappointed when I thought that Yvonne Craig’s deal was signed AFTER this toy line was cancelled. There are so many characters that I would like to see in this line. I hope it goes on for a long, long, time.

  • Big Wang Dong says:

    …And yet to date there has been no word on any new figures, nor nothing new on store shelves. Me thinks the line is cancelled.

  • Erik J. Estrada says:

    This toy line is incredible and very much long awaited! A complete line of its popular villains including Eartha Kitts Catwoman, variant Julie Newmar with mask, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara and play sets of Wayne Mannor, the Bat Cave, Barbara Gordon’s Apartment with a rotating wall revealing her Batgirl lair and a Batgirl cycle wiuld be awesome. Adult Collectors like me can only wish.

  • John says:

    The Liberace Fans group that I represent on facebook would love to see a Chandell figurine.

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