Mattel Pre-Comic Con Interview
July 18, 2007

Mattel invited us to do a Pre-Comic Con interview with them about their booth, their exclusives and their plans for the future.   By now, most of you have seen the shadowy outline of the new, sneak preview character that Mattel will reveal at Comic Con as part of their DC Comics expansion now that they have that license.  Let’s see if we can pry any other pre-comic con info out of a VERY tight-lipped Mattel crew.


AFI: Are there new figures that you will not have on display until after your panel on Friday?  

Mattel:  Yes. Our new 08 figures will be shown on display after our panel. We will also be changing the displays slightly every day with new or changed product to always have something new to see and discover in our booth.  

AFI: Will there be any new figures on display on Preview night (Wednesday)?  

Mattel:  Figures will be on display, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before. New stuff will be shown after our panel only.  

AFI: Can you tell us the ratio of white to clear man-Bats?

Mattel: Sorry, that is information we’re not giving out. But there are considerably less then ever before for a convention exclusive.  


AFI: Since the re-decoed Mr. Freeze will not be available in time for Comic Con will we see him at another time or another venue?   Will he be available for WizardWorld Chicago?  

Mattel: We are actually working on this now. We’d like to do this but it depends on logistics and shipping times. We will hopefully have something to announce at Comic Con regarding this figure’s fate.  

AFI: Will the Ray/GL/Shayera 3-pack be on the older orange card that it was originally supposed to ship under or will it be the current black/purple card?  

Mattel: Great question, it is on the older orange card.  In order to make sure there was a JLU exclusive for Comic Con it was easier for us to reissue this older card.  

AFI: Can you talk about the idea behind the flocked 1:18 scale Hot Wheels Batmobile exclusive’s creation?  

Mattel: The idea for the project was due to the fact we wanted to replicate some unique feature about the 1966 Batmobile since there were so many variations of the real vehicle.

We researched various web sites on the internet on unique features of the 1966 Batmobile such as this one

We heard that there was a 1966 Batmobile called "Bat Fuzz" but, no one knew what it looked like.

We searched various web sites that referred to the car as "Bat Fuzz" and found the attached info.

We found this article that confirmed the info:

The bottom of this web page confirmed it to:

To the best of our knowledge we did not know of any other toy car replication company that had produced this 1:18th concept so, we thought it would be a perfect fit for the Comic Con vehicle.

AFI: Can you give us a line up of who will be on the Mattel/DC panel?  

Mattel: We will have representatives from Mattel Marketing, Design, Package Design, PR, as well as representatives from Warner Brothers and D C Comics. 

AFI: For the past 2 or 3 years the Mattel team working the booth has had uniform cool t-shirts.  Can you give us a peek at them or give us some hints as to this year’s theme?  

Mattel: The theme is Man-Bat for this year, although a few special shirts for other properties will sneak up throughout the show.  

AFI: Will we see any new "The Batman" product at the Con this year?  

Mattel: Yes we will have new "The Batman" product to show at Comic Con.  We will first announce it at our panel on Friday and then unveil it afterwards at our booth.  

AFI: Will there be any new Disney/Pixar "Cars" product shown?  Will it be in the main Mattel booth or in the Hot Wheels booth?  

Mattel: Cars will have a large area in the main Mattel booth. New product will be shown as early as Thursday.  

AFI: Will the Mattel booth and the Hot Wheels booth be separate again this year?  

Mattel: Yes.  

Mattel Entertainment Booth – 3029

Mattel Hot Wheels Booth – 3445

AFI: Is the Mattel booth at Comic Con bigger than the one last year?

Mattel: Slightly, remember it’s not so much the size of the booth but what you have in it.  The great thing for everyone to know is that there will be a totally new booth design this year.  The booth will feel more like an  environment and an experience compared to the booth we’ve had in the past.

AFI: Who is responsible for the design/layout of the booth each year?  

Mattel: The booth is designed and set-up by our very talented Events team based on a creative brief from Toy Guru and other members of Mattel marketing.

AFI: How wi
ll the exclusives be sold this year?  Lottery?  First come fi
rst serve?  Can you buy more than one?  One a day?  

Mattel: Man-Bat will be limited to 1 per guest per day until 3:00. After 3:00 guest may buy up to two more for a total of 3 per day. The JLU 3 pack is limited to 5 per day all day long, and the Naruto product is unlimited.  We felt this was a fair way to ensure everyone who wants at least one Man-Bat can get one while those wanting more than one will have a chance as well.  

You have the info for the Batmobiles already posted.


AFI:  Can you give us a list of panels that Mattel employees will be participating in?  

Mattel: Mattel will be at:

Action Figure Times Toy Maker Q & A, Thursday form 5-6 in room 4

Mattel DC Comics Fan Panel, Friday, 11:30 in room 10

Action Figure Insider Behind the Plastic – Friday 5:30 in room 4

Viz Media Panel  – Saturday 11:30 room 2

Master of the Universe Fan Panel – Saturday 2:30 in room 10

Action Figure Insider Behind the Plastic – Saturday 4:00 in room 4

We may be participating in a few other panels as well but details are still being worked out.  

AFI: Can you give us a list of the dates and times of signings at the Mattel booth?

Mattel: Four Horsemen Signing Friday at 1, Saturday at 1

Bruce Timm signing Friday 2- 2:30

Mattel Designer signing – Saturday 11:00

AFI: The new master DCU license agreement says it includes past animated series. Does that include Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, SuperFriends, The Super Powers show, Batman Beyond and Static Shock?  

Mattel: We are looking into exactly which toys and properties to bring to market and working with our partners at DC and Warner Brothers on specifics like this.  

AFI: Have you given any thought to the Build-A-Playset idea? Or including key set pieces like a Justice League Table, Batcomputer, JLA trophy room cases with the 6" line?  

Mattel: A great suggestion and something we are talking about. Nothing is for sure until we announce it.  

AFI: Will there be any DCSH retailer exclusive figures in 2008?  

Mattel: This will be announced at our panel on Friday.

In addition to all of this news, we have a new event to announce: On Thursday from 1-3 Mattel lead designers will host a Portfolio Review at our booth. Come by to show your work and get the experts from Mattel to review and give you advise on how to get your foot in the door in the toy industry.


So there you have it.  There will be a LOT more news and information that will start pouring in at the end of next week as Comic Con gets fired up once again.  AFI will be there!  Stay tuned!!!

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