Mattel Q&A Answers for July
July 7, 2009

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums.  


Q1.  Thank you so much for the Giganta C&C figure for Wave 8 of DCU:C! Can we get some more Wonder Woman characters in the line? Cheetah? Circe? Hippolyta? Dr. Psycho? Dr. Cyber? Dr. Poison? You could release a whole wave of doctors.

A1: We won’t be doing a wave of Doctors any time soon (fun idea though!) but you can bet more Wonder Woman friends and foes are on the way!

Q2. How has the Mattel sponsored sale of JLU three packs worked out? Not asking for specific numbers, but was it sufficient enough that we can expect new three packs to start shipping soon? If not, when  can we expect to see the Cheetah and Batman Beyond three packs?

A2: New three packs are now shipping if that answers the question!

Q3.When He-Man and Skeletor varients like Battle Armor or 200x make their way into the MOTUC line, will they be released as that month’s figures, or will they be released as "bonus figure" for said month?

A3:You’ll have to wait for SDCC to get more details on the bonus figures!

Q4. Will the Ghostbusters line be limited to the likenesses of the four main characters, or will we see other characters like Janine, Louis, Dana (with Oscar?), Zuul, Gozer or even Lord Viggo? What of a BAF Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

A4:We are working hard with Sony to bring as many of these secondary characters and villains into the line. There are no plans for a Collect and Connect Stay Puff as he is way to big to work in that format. We will get to Mr. Stay Puff in a way that will bring him in the best scale possible.

Q5. MOTUC – Will MOTU figures which included "fabric" elements in their original figures (for example, Prince Adam’s "vest" and the female "POP" figures skirts and capes) continue to do so in their MOTUC  counterpart figures or will those elements be rendered in soft-plastic and/or individual body sculpts?

A5: That remains to be seen. We tend to leave a lot of these decisions up to the Four Horsemen. Although Mattel designers to often kick it up a notch or two even from the Horsemen designs.

Q6. DCUC – I believe there was talk of possibly making flight stands, any news on that?

A6: We’ll have news on a few new stand types at SDCC. We aim to continue to bring collectors all of the accessories they are looking for for all lines.

Q7. Brave and Bold: What are the odds of Silver Age Blue Beetle aka Ted Kord? Robin? The evil versions of the League (Owlman, Silver Cyclone, Scarlet Scarab, etc)?  Also why don’t the B&B cardbacks promote  the rest of the wave instead of a couple random pics of other product (Deluxe figures, boxed figures)? with the multitude of Batmen already out there for this line, it’s hard to tell if we’ve missed out on the unique characters or not, which is disappointing when the entire series is based around TEAM UPS with other characters.

A7: Brave and the Bold is much more of a kids line than a collectors line. Although some collectors are very into the line, a lot of the elements you mentioned don’t work as well in a kid aimed line. Check out JLU, DCUC and IH for all your collector needs. Brave and the Bold for now will remain a kid aimed brand.

Q8. I’m still trying to figure out why Mattel didn’t release the 10" justice lord batman here in the states. He’s on the back of the box and why weren’t they smart enough to distribute this figure everywhere. I’m still trying to figure out how to get him.

A8: We are working on new 10" figures, but at this time, JLU will remain the 4.24" scale exclusive to Target and

Q9.Is it confirmed that w10 is another Wal-Mart exclusive wave? MANY of us never even saw w5, let alone have a Wal-Mart that is bothering to carry DC product beyond Dark Knight and a peg or two for Brave and  Bold. (hard to explain what the DCUC 6" comic line is if they don’t carry it!)
  Is there any chance that you can talk Wal-Mart into carrying the exclusive online, on their website or allow a certain percentage to be sold on Matty Collector? I had to pass on a few personal favorites  in w5, but if the rumored Power Girl is indeed in the exclusive w10, I will be damned if I miss out on her.

A9: Yes, Wave 10 is available to Wal-Mart to sell on line if they choose.

Q10. DCUC – Mattel have sculpted a "young male" body sculpt for the DCUC line, will there also be a "young female" body sculpt created for younger female characters like "Wonder Girl" or will they utilise a "scaled-down" Wonder Woman body-sculpt similar to Hawkgirl? 

A10: If and when we do Wonder Girl she would get an as yet used female teen body buck. Who the first figure to use this buck is, is yet to be announced.

Thanks to ToyGuru and Matty for all the answers.

There will be a samll break in the Q&As for Comic Con 2009.  The next round of questions need to be submitted the week after comic con   Remember they can be about any Mattel product including MOTUC, Ghostbusters and Cars.  You can submit new questions in this thread.

You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Mattel board.


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