Mattel says Not Enought Time for JL Crisis figures
January 16, 2010

 From a recent Mattel Q & A:


Will Mattel be producing action figures based on the new Justice League Crisis on Two Earths animated film?


No. This DVD release was too soon after Public Enemies for us to make a move based on current DVD figure sales.


Unfortunately, Mattel missed the obvious way to tie into Public Enemies AND Crisis.  Just put the related characters into their existing lines.

I also call lazyness on this response.  Retailers and Mattel know exactly how well a 6" and 3.75 inch Batman figure will sell.  And that Superman will sell almost as well.  And Infinite Heroes and DCUC sales have been in long enough to extrapolate the basic return on on an average hero or villain. 

In the 6 inch line, Silver Banshee and Icicle were bad character choices.  Icicle in particular had almost zero screen time.  This could have been predicted from the lack of panel time in the original comic book story the movie was taken from.  The animated style of the firgures turned off a number of collectors who would have picked up the figures if done in the comic book style.

The selections for the 3.75" line were much better.  Its almost as if Mattel did integrate the offering into their existing line.  The animation influence is much less.  And the character selection hits most of the high points of the movie.

Unfortunatly, Mattel did skip one of the most important ‘toys’ in the movie, the 1/2 Superman and 1/2 Batman robot.

Mattel could have created a Public Enemies sticker and applied it to a particular wave.  Then they would just need a new sticker for Crisis.  If Mattel does not have enough advance information on upcoming projects to do character selection, they need to.  Mattel did make a special Wonder Woman for the Wonder Woman movie and a Green Lantern for GL First Flight.  There really is no excuse not to have figures tagged with the Justice League: Crisis movie on toy shelves as the movie is released.

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  • Jason Geyer says:

    I surely would have picked up a Silver Banshee had she matched the normal DCUC style. Now we’ll probably never get one for that line, but the PE one looks way too passive for that character, not to mention there is something off about the nose/mouth.

  • chad says:

    too bad for i would have loved to see Mattel do the crime sydicate even animated. and i kind of liked their attempt at silver banshee in the public enemies line.though given how long the time frame dc annouces these dc prodcuts one would think Mattel would start figures the moment the things are announced as a go. Mattel lost some profit by not doing crisis

  • jzachery says:

    I say put the animated movie figures in the JLU line, I know it started as representing the Timm Verse, but with the Superfriends added and other characters, no reason we shouldn’t be able to see these there.
    Not to mention, I’d hate to have to buy Superman, Batman, etc, all over again, before even getting to the characters that this story is also about, the Crime Syndicate…

  • Erik Erik says:

    I’m also concerned that we will never see the other two figures from Public Enemies (Black Lightning and Major Force) meaning all Brimstones will be short a few pieces.

  • Jon says:

    Mattel needs to up their game… on a different note, go see Public Enemies (I mean the movie) with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

  • DanMan says:

    Can anyone explain this wording to me: “based on current DVD figure sales.” Does that mean sales of the figures based on the Public Enemies DVD? Or do they actually mean “DVD sales figures” as in the DVDs are not popular enough? Neither of those options would be affected by a time crunch.

    Maybe they mean that they did not yet have enough data on the sales of the Public Enemies figures for the necessary lead time to coincide with this next release.

    I like the Q&A’s, but answers like these only confuse the issue, a simple “no” might have been better.

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