Mattel STILL Not Done With The 1966 Batman Line- But that DOESN’T Mean They Announced a Batgirl Figure
October 11, 2013

A few weeks back I wrote a story here about running into some of the Mattel staff and them telling me to pass on that their Classic TV 1966 Batman line was not ending after the Catwoman figure, but would still live on (you can read that original story here).   The main thrust of that article was about people misinterpreting what they were saying about the line.

I know how they felt now, because apparently a lot of you misinterpreted what I said in that story.   I got word from my Mattel pals at NYCC today that fans and other press kept coming into the booth asking to see a new 1966 Batgirl figure because they read about it on AFi.   That’s NOT what I said.   They did not and I did not announce a 66 Batgirl figure.

Mattel DID debut a new 66 Classic TV figure for 2014 at NYCC today – Surfs Up Joker. 


Here is the statement that Mattel made on their MattyCollector Facebook page:

This just in from the DC team at #NYCC: Hi Classic TV Series Batman fans! BIF! BAM! KAPOW! Did you have a chance to check out the photos of the reveal of Surfs Up Joker from NYCC? This figure comes complete with board shorts and of course his bright green surf board, surfing his way into retail in Summer 2014! He is the perfect complement to Surfs Up Batman which is available in 2013, and an awesome addition to your Classic TV Series Batman collection. And for everyone who is asking about an Yvonne Craig figure, there are no plans at this time for a Batgirl figure. However we hope that you are surfingly-excited about the NYCC reveal: Surfs Up Joker.

I hope that clears up some of the confusion.  The line just gained another figure for 2014- Surfs Up Joker and I hope we hear more announcements at Toy Fair 2014.


Daniel Pickett
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  • Telcontar says:

    Misinterpretation? As Batwasp pointed out in the comments from the linked article above, the following is copied and pasted from an Ask Matty right here on AFI from August 15, 2013:

    “Q2. Are there future waves of 1966 Batman figures planned beyond what has already been announced?

    A2. No, at this point you have seen all the 1966 figs including the awesome Batmobile.”

    How can anyone have “misinterpreted” that clear statement?

    • John Michals says:

      That sounds about right. They’re flopping on what they said and don’t want to lose potential $$$ if fans lose interest. It’s more profitable to have people buy the existing figures if they give them (false) hope that their favorite characters get produced. Mattel isn’t known for being too smart tho. They ruined the Retro-Action Figure line a few years back only to have Figures Toy Company come in and snatch the concept from them. FTC may have more money to pay for the rights but with their terrible track record they could kill interest in all `66 Batman style toys if their figures fall apart in the packaging.

  • Mike Bolotin says:

    Ok – we are now into the first week of May. And all we have heard from Mattel is a Surf’s Up Joker – for later in the year. How about a Robin in his own package?? And they still need to do a Batgirl, a Mr. Freeze, a King Tut and an Egghead. How difficult is this?? They have had the rights for some time now – they can’t at least let us know one way or the other??? F–king creeps!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Bolotin says:

    Ok – now into the middle of June – and still nothing!!!!! Figures Toy Company already came out with their first wave – and they are a lot better quality than the Mattel versions!!!! And they are going to do most of the popular villains – Egghead, King Tut, Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze were all confirmed. Mattel can’t even create a Robin in his own package – but they can do two versions of Batman and Joker – what a f_cking joke!!!!!!!! Classless company!!!!!!!! People should avoid all Mattel products – the retards that work for their company can’t even answer a simple question – like what figures would be made next?? Their answer is Surfing Joker and nothing more after that – leaving these figures as an incomplete collection!!!!! As_holes!!!!!!!!

  • could you do a batpoles model.Bruce and Dick in their study answering the batphone.then in the study again running to the batpoles,then Bruce and Dick going down the batpoles.then a model on the 1966 tv batcave.Batman and Robin coming down the batpoles,then running across the batcave to the batmobile.models like these would be a huge hit as I will buy them.please think about it.

  • Mike says:

    I e-mailed Mattel a few weeks ago – their reply was no other items are due to be released in the near future. They are complete assbags – if anyone wants a complete collection of this line – check out the ones being made at Figures Toy Company – they are the only company out there that seems to care about doing this line right!!!!!

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