Mattel Updates Fans on ‘Doomsday Unleashed’ Shipping Delays
December 16, 2014


I’ve had quite a few fans reach out and ask if I had heard any updates from Mattel on the shipping of the Doomsday Unleashed DCUC figure from MattyCollector.   As you will recall the Doomsday Unleashed went on sale back in November as part of the BlackFriday/Cyber Monday sales.    Then on December 1st Mattel posted the following message to the MattyCollector forums:

Just wanted to let everyone know that Doomsday is currently on his way across the Pacific to our distribution centers so he may ship to customers a little later than planned. We’ll ship them out as they arrive, so some customers may get theirs before others. All of them should ship before the holidays, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got more information.



Fans have been waiting for and asking for an update.    News out of MattyCollector has slowed a bit since Scott/ToyGuru left Mattel, but I can assure you that things are still happening behind the scenes!  The Matty division is still finding their legs a bit in this post-Scott world and communication is one of the things they are tackling now.  As a matter of fact, today a new voice for Matty has appeared on the message boards that goes by the handle “Skeletor’s Love Child.”  She just posted the latest update on the status of shipping of the figure:

Hi guys,

Customer Service has been getting a lot of inquires about the status of the Doomsday figures. Unfortunately delivery of Doomsday is currently being held up due to the strike at the Port of Los Angeles.

Though this situation is truly beyond our control, we realize that this doesn’t make it any easier. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and promise to get you your Doomsdays as soon as humanly possible.

Skeletor’s Love Child (a Mattel employee and collector enthusiast)

So unfortunately that sort of thing that no one can anticipate or control.   And of course that would affect the shipping and receiving of some items from Matty, possibly beyond even just Doomsday.   As soon as we get another update from Mattel we will pass it along.   In the meantime I would suggest patience.  The figure is still coming and he’s worth the wait!


Daniel Pickett
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  • dean says:

    So why did they offer them for sale if they didn’t have the product. I placed an order with xmas presents that I will not get in time. Ugh matty never changes. Screw up after screw up

  • Will Magnus says:

    “So unfortunately that sort of thing that no one can anticipate or control.”

    Except Mattel, who knew about this on the day of the sale.

    First it was that they didn’t have enough. Now it’s a dock strike. Any way you slice it, they knew issues would arise and they still went ahead with the sale anyway. Pretty despicable.

  • David says:

    I got mine just a few days after I ordered it. It’s awesome.

  • Casimir says:

    A these west coast dock strikes are almost an annual occurrence. They can be planned for.

  • scarecrow says:

    theyre starting to sound like shocker toys with these excuses.

  • brett says:

    Mattel did have these in stock at the time of the sale, because they shipped to some people — that’s how some are selling Doomsday Unleashed on ebay as “In Hand/In Stock”. Also, if you read the forums (which I have never done before this fiasco) on Matty Collector, many people were reporting in threads that they received theirs and those that did were, as usual, in this ugly hobby’s customary fashion, slamming the people who were complaining that they didn’t.

    • brett says:

      PS. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the news (you can google the news stories on port congestion) and what various news sites are reporting is that many are diverting their shipments to other ports so they can deliver in time for x-mas. Some are paying for air freight (too expensive for Matty, of course) and other means to get their shipments out of the jam. It appears as though Mattel is doing absolutely nothing — not diverting shipments to other ports as other vendors are doing — they just keep stating that there is a strike, there is congestion and from their own reporting, is giving the impression that they are just sitting there waiting for the port to clear instead of diverting to other, non-congested/non-strike affected ports.

      My frustration comes from the absolute amateur customer service responses I have been receiving from Digital River. Before anyone knew about delays due to port issues, I was calling cust svc and repeatedly told by representatives that my order will be shipping within 24-48 hrs, they did have stock. When no shipping notice arrived, I would call back and would then be informed that Doomsday was backordered. Why then was I told it would be shipping in 24 hrs. Calls back to Matty again provided misinformation — from supervisors too! — instead of just being honest. Had I been told on the initial call about port issues, I never would have called back and just waited. Being provided incorrect info, dumb responses caused me to repeatedly call back day after day hoping I would get a representative who HAD actual information instead of being given the run around.

      One of the reasons why I never subscribed to any of their DCU collector lines is because of their poor selections and awful customer service. Obviously, nothing has changed so its no surprise the DCU lines ceased due to non-interest from customer. Maybe it wasn’t non-interest so much as awful service that caused the line’s demise. It’s quite obvious that with Mattel, the customer is not a priority and I’m just glad that after this figure, I never have to deal with this horrible company again.

      PPS. As a cherry on the cake of their poor service, repeated requests to cancel the order were declined. So its like, you can’t even cancel your order with these clowns. Who does business like this? A company that does usually isn’t in business for long and while Mattel thrives, Matty Collector’s DCU is dead and Mattel itself was their own worst enemy.

  • brett says:

    PPPS. One of the excuses I was given by a Digital River cust svc rep was that they did have stock at the time of the sale except when the stock arrived, it arrived severely damaged/unshippable. They shipped whatever they could (which is why you’ll find the figure on ebay as ‘In Hand/In Stock’) and everyone else had to wait for the re-stock, which is why weeks after the sale, the figure was on its way over the pacific. It wasn’t the initial stock travelling, it was the replacement stock. How accurate that information is, I have no idea but that was only one of the many, many excuses I was provided by cust svc.

  • j.worm says:

    wait, wait, wait. Matty screwed up again? Go figure. Glad I stopped caring about their shat attempt at DC characters when I received a Nightwing with the back of his head looking like Scott Nerdlick’s pet pitbull had a go at it.

  • Zodach says:

    I’m not sure I buy any of Mattel’s excuses. Sure the dock strike is holding up inventory, but this product should have been at the port weeks ago, not 7-10 days before Christmas. Damian Wayne is also not in stock and MOTU fans are waiting on their December club figures to ship even though we were promised that subscribers would have their products shipped prior to the sale date on the 15th each month. It’s also pretty laughable that Matty Collector just sent out an e-mail and posted a notice on their website about the last minute shipping schedule, yet if you order any of these products they won’t actually ship in time for Christmas. However they don’t say anything about that on the website or the individual product pages. This is really poor communication and customer service on Mattel/Matty Collector’s part, but sadly it’s what we’ve come to expect from them.

Reply to brett