Mattel/AFI’s “Ask Matty” Q&A for Oct 1st.
October 1, 2008

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums 


Q1) Why was the Holiday Hal Jordan figure included in Mattel’s JLU showcase at SDCC? If he’s such a no-no(from DC/WB’s point of view), then why put him in there? Was this to determine fan interest? Was this to drum up fan support?

A1) To confess, we thought that the Mattel booth would act as a sort of “toy museum” and by displaying the figure in the booth it would give fans who can’t own this figure at least a chance to see him in person. Obviously from fan reaction we misjudged this and we won’t ever display him again. We are well aware of demand for this character and displaying Hal was meant to be fun for fans, not mud in your face. We are sorry if fans were upset by this.

Q2) Could you please give us the lowdown on the JLU Galatea head sculpt mix-up? Where is the near-perfect head sculpt that we were all told would be the version seen at retail.

A2) Ah, this one. Yes. Well the head that is shown on the back of package and in the print ads was the prototype. And much like Sinestro in the DCUC line, when the figure went from sculpt to mold it experienced some slight shrinkage of the tool. This is something we try to control as much as possible but in the end it does happen every so often. We wish two “mess ups” had not happened so close together, but with the sheer amount of figures we produce they are bound to happen.

The eye brows however were an honest mistake and we corrected it as quick as possible.  We do not have plans to re-do her in the future because this would mean taking tooling away from another original head for a different new character. This will be the Galatea for the line.

Q3) Okay, so we’re getting JLU versions of Ultraman and Superwoman. Is Mattel considering filling out the rest of the Crime Syndicate team? Owlman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick?

A3) Definitely something we are looking into if the line continues with fan support.

Q4) Speaking of alternate universe characters, we have the JLU Justice Lords Flash, who looks very similar to both the Reverse Flash and Zoom. Might we see a true version of either of these characters?

A4) A good possibility but not in the cards quite yet. Could be down the road.

Q5) I’ve been in contact with Mattel UK who have told me that they are not selling any DC figures.
Are there any plans to start selling product through the international divisions? Comic shop prices are extortionate where I am?

A5) Much like any question about distribution, this is not something Mattel controls. It is up to local retailers anywhere in the world to place orders. Mattel will ship product to any retailer who orders it. If you are not seeing your favorite Mattel toy line at your local shops let them know to place orders!

Q6) Does the act of DC buying/licensing the characters of Milestone and Archie allow Mattel to make them, or would a new round of contract talks be required? In short, can you now make Static?

A6) Static we could do because he has appeared in the DC Universe (and on JLU) The other Archie characters are not part of the DC Universe and much like Vertigo characters are not part of our license.

Q7) lots of JLU fans are looking forward to the upcoming re-release of Volcana. What about Big Barda, Deadshot, and Obsidian? Many of us missed these 3 the first time around. Any chance you could re-release these figures in a 3-pack? You’d make some fans very happy! The figures are far too expensive on ebay and need re-releases. So, too, does the Lex Luthor in business suit with snap-on armor. We are going to get re-releases regardless, so it would be nice to have these four be amongst them.

A7) There is a very simple answer to this question. We are well aware of fan demand for these characters to be re-released, but we also want the line to last well into the future. We are purposely spacing out re-releases of hard to find characters to give the line more lifeblood down the road. Not to worry, we’ll get to them sooner then later! Volcana is coming in Spring 2009 as well as at least one other you mentioned.

Q8) With the recent move towards show accurate repaints, could we get a properly colored 5 POA Martian Manhunter? I think the shade of plastic used for Justice Lord Green Lantern’s Torso Would be a pretty accurate match.

A8) Not a bad suggestion. We will pass this on to our designers!

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