Mattel’s 2013 NYCC: MOTUC, DC Universe and Ghostbusters™ Panel Reveals!
October 11, 2013

The Mattypalooza panel at NYCC 2013 is still going on now, but that didn’t stop the Matty staff from updating the news section of with the news of the panel reveals.   Also check out the AFi Twitter feed, where Erik aka SuperFriend is live tweeintg the panel including the Q&A portion.


Toy Fans,

New York Comic Con is officially underway, and the level of action is through the roof! Yesterday we gave you a look at three figures coming your way in 2014, and today’s Mattypalooza panel has just wrapped up with even more great reveals…

We’ll have a complete wrap-up after the show on Monday, 10/14, so make sure you check back for more info. And now, here’s your look what was just revealed to fans at the panel.

DC Universe Figures

Toy Guru confirmed four figures are coming to DC Universe in 2014. These are “day of” sales only. No sub for these.

  • DC Universe Aquaman
  • DC Universe Ice
  • DC Universe Superboy
  • DC Universe Damian Wayne

  • Containment suit Doomsday will be 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusive with any left over on

DC Universe Total Heroes

We will also be offering four quarterly deluxe DC Universe Total Heroes figures in 2014. Each figure will arrive with accessories and an extra head (images to come).

  • John Stewart Green Lantern pack (with Tomar-Re and Green Man heads)
  • Black Manta (with unmasked head, alternate head and weapons)
  • Firestorm (with classic head, modern head and energy blasts)
  • Batman Beyond (with masked head, unmasked head and bat weapons)

Masters of the Universe® Classics Flogg™

Scheduled for the July 2014 Club Eternia® figure, the Evil Leader of the Space Mutants will arrive with his Sidewinder laser whip and additional sword.

Ghostbusters™ 2014 30th Anniversary 2-Packs

Four new figures from the first Ghostbusters™ movie arrive in late summer of 2014! Each 2-pack will include two 6″ figures featuring new torsos with two removable proton packs, two snap-on proton streams, and two “no ghost” logo stands. This 2-pack comes in window box 30th Anniversary packaging.

  • Pack 1: Ray Stantz™ and Egon Spengler™ Figures
  • Pack 2: Peter Venkman™ and Winston Zeddemore™ Figures

Now you’re up-to-date on what we just revealed at the panel! Want to get email reminders when all these hot new products become available? Just click here.


*Please Note: as always, the products, product names, designs, and availability are subject to change.

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  • CAL says:

    Great that they are releasing those four DC figures at least (and containment Doomsday as an exclusive). Only want Damian, hope I can get him.

  • Shellhead says:

    And those of us who are current sub subscribers will get early access, right?

  • Hasby says:

    <– stunned

    I did not expect these figures to be released… "It's all about MOTU" with these people. Too bad this isn't a sub. I'd go in on one with somebody who wants Aquaman, Superboy and Damien. I just want Ice. Well, Ice and Miss Martian. Or just one figure customizer to friggin answer a "how much for Miss Martian" email. But I'm good with Ice. Perhaps I'll hold off on taking a hammer to my Night-Lik figure after all. …for now.

  • Anubis8 says:

    Absolute BS the way that Mattel has handled this license as well as the subscribers.

  • Lee in MI says:

    On the bright side, Mattel is finally listening to the fans!

    The exclusive Total Justice figs come with extra hands, extra heads and lots of accessories! Everything we always wanted…for the DCIE o_0

  • Hasby says:

    I’m a 6 inch DC and Marvel person. I know nothing about MOTU and have zero interest in that line/universe. I have no idea if this is based on a comic book, a cartoon or subway graffiti now-a-days. But if there is source material that they’re basing these figures on and the writers of said source material are reading this I have a request… create some characters like… I dunno, “Van-Dall”. Evil “master” of “Savagery”. He’s like, immortal or something. And maybe “Miz-Mar-Shen”. A green chick with red hair who’s the “heroic mistress of telepathy, shape shifting and telekinesis”. Or how about “Tehm-Pest”. Heroic aquatic lad. Ya’ pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down here? Ya’ smell what I’m steppin’ in?

    Sadly, this is the only way we’re getting these figures unless DC DIRECT cools it with their recent Arkham/New 52 fetish.
    (PS, DC DIRECT, please cool it with your Arkham/New 52 fetish)

    Thank you.

  • George says:

    Dependent on the price, I might try to get Ice, maybe Aquaman but won’t lose any sleep if I get neither.

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