Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Aquaman
March 13, 2014

The ruler of Atlantis will scour the sea and the shore to give bad guys the hook… which is on the end of his own left arm. One of the most fan-demanded versions, this ’90s-era style Aquaman figure sports an impressive head of hair and a full beard. The king of the seven seas also arrives with a non-removable hook that definitely gets his point across.

Now we are truly in “the final countdown” for the DC Universe, Four Horsemen sculpted 6″ action figures.   The 2014 DC Infinite Earths subscription did not fund, we will not be getting a full year of new figures.  Instead we will be getting the first four figures that Mattel had planed for the first four months as quarterly figures on   We know that the line is over.  Mattel has told us that in no uncertain terms, but many fans keep proposing ways to keep it going.   The bright spot for me is the recently announced Super Powers anniversary send off that Mattel is giving the line.


The first quarterly figure is 90’s era “hook hand” Aquaman.  Aquaman has been through a few costume and “look” changes in his 73 years, and this mid-nineties makeover was one of his more dramatic revamps.   It was the 90’s, everything was grim and gritty so DC thought they needed to make the King of Atlantis more gravitas.   Peter David took over as the writer of the new Aquaman book in 1994.   David revamped Arthur’s looks to include the long hair and the beard.  In issue #2 of that series he had arch-villian Charybdis stick Aquaman’s hand in a pool of piranhas that gnawed his hand off.

The first time we saw this version of Aquaman as a figure was back in Kenner/Hasbro’s “Total Justice” action figure line, complete with ‘fractal tech-gear.’

Mattel has given us several of the great 90’s versions of characters, such as the cast of the “Reign of the Supermen” story line, Jack Knight Starman and Az-Bats.   Of course IF the sub had gone through for 2014 and beyond, many fans were hoping that we might also see other 90’s characters such as Aztek, Prometheus, 90’s Kyle Rayner and Zariel.

The good news is that Mattel and the Four Horsmen didn’t skimp on this figure.  There are a LOT of newly sculpted parts.   It would have been very easy for many of the details of this figure to have been done with paint, but that is not the route they took.   The sculpted new legs for the side scale detail on his pants, and they sculpted all of the shoulder/arm armor.

Early pictures from Mattel, including the ones currently posted on the order page show the 90’s Aquaman figure with a flesh colored disk for the shoulder articulation of the left arm instead of gray or silver to match the armor on that arm.   This had many fans asking if that color choice would be the case on the final production version of the figure.

ScreenHunter_296 Mar. 13 00.21

Mattel responded that it was a necessity to run that part in the tool with the other flesh colored parts and that’s how it would appear on the final figure.   However the samples they sent out to press have a silver disk, and it looks that that corrected version is what fans that order this figure will get.

DCSC14AquamanDisk2 DCSC14AquamanDisk1

The only thing that’s a bit of a miss for me is the hair.   It looks as if it was sculpted to be flowing like he is swimming, but the neck articulation is not there to get him in a position where that would make sense.

DCSC14AquamanFace DCSC14AquamanFaceSd

This is the 5th Aquaman we’ve gotten in the DCUC/DC Signature Series/DC Unlimited line.   Previous versions include: Classic Aquaman (released twice in DCUC and in the DCUC/MOTUC 2-pack), the modern variant of that figure, the blue camo costume, the New52 version and this incarnation.  All those versions of himself are going to have to keep him company, because the other big “missing” in the 6″ DC line is Mera, Aquaman’s wife.

DCSC14AquamanComp1 DCSC14AquamanComp3

We did get two of Aquaman’s main villains in the 6″ scale – Black Manta (also 2 versions) and Ocean Master as well as Shark.


Hook-Hand Aquaman will be available on March 17th on for $23.

This sample was provided by Mattel.

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  • Anubis8 says:

    This was one of the primary figures that I wanted out of the 2014 Sub. I was able to score one off of eBay from overseas and after the terrible experiences that I had with Digital River & seeing how little Mattel cared about the DC Subscribers, I REFUSE to give them any more of my money.

  • Shellhead says:

    That’s a nice pic of an Aquaman collection to begin the article. Is it your collection? It rivals my own!

  • Yep. That’s my Aquaman collection!

  • Darrell says:

    Very envious of that collection – looks good! I have a good selection of those figures ( also have the Total Justice figure and a tall “Barbie” sized version of the 90’s look, forget who made it). But I must get the Lego Minifigure, and the Scribblenauts figure.

  • Gabriel says:

    Why there are barbies in an action figure site?

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