Mattel’s DCUC Super Powers Tribute Mr. Myxzptlk
October 15, 2014


As announced, back in February at Toy Fair 2014, the final figures in Mattel’s long running 6″, Four Horsemen sculpted, DC Universe Classics line will be a series of tributes to the 30th anniversary of Kenner’s beloved DC Comics ‘Super Powers’ 3.75″ action figures.   Mattel is repainting 6 figures (including a collect-and-connect figure) and giving us one last new mini-figure sculpt as a “thank you” to the fans.   In it’s 7+ year run, Mattel’s DC Universe Classics has released 6″ versions of all 34 characters that were released in the 1984-1986  Kenner Super Powers line, however not all of the paint jobs on the Mattel figures matched their vintage counterparts.   They are correcting some of that now.

I think by now everyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of the original Super Powers line.  After all we house the Super Powers Archive here on AFi as well as have a dedicated Super Powers blog.  I have loved and encouraged and even helped Mattel out with some of the past DCUC Super Powers figures so I was greatly looking forward to these, and even with Mattel sending me samples I will be buying a second set to keep carded when they are released.

I think it’s important to note that these are merely a Super Powers tribute/homage and not a intended to be a replica in figure or card.   There are quite a few differences in details on all of the cards and figures from their original Kenner release.  However, this character was never made into a figure for the original Kenner Super Powers line, so there’s no vintage counterpart to compare the figure or the card with in this instance.

The History – We know that Mr. Myxzptlk was at least considered by Kenner for a slot somewhere in the Super Powers line, because his presentation board was uncovered along with many other treasures back in the Super Powers 4th wave scoop we had many years ago now.


The Four Horsemen had already sculpted Mr. Myxzptlk in the DCUC scale as a pack in accessory that was to come with a Superman figure (much like we saw with Batmite in the Batman Unlimited line), however that SKU was cancelled and the sculpt was “on the shelf” for several months.   When putting together this sub-line of DCUC tribute figures Mattel looked over our wave 4 scoop and saw that Mr. Myx was at least in the mix to possibly become a Super Powers figure, so this last original sculpt from the Four Horsemen would make it to fans after all in this Super Powers tribute line.

The Package – The figure comes in the same standard white mailer box that we have seen with the rest of this sub-line.  The card art of the character seems to be a re-drawn/cleaned up version of the character art from the presentation board.



The Figure –  The figure was intended as a “pack in” and not a full figure so he does not have the same articulation as a regular figure in the DC Universe Classics line.   Mr. Myx has only 3 points of articulation: neck swivel and swivel at both shoulders.    I suspect at some point he was going to come with a stand, so he could “hover” but there is no stand included and there is not a peg hole anywhere on the figure, which we typically see with Mattel figures that work with stands.    He is in a seated position and can sit on flat surfaces.


Collect and Connect – The Collect and Connect Kalibak piece is in the mailer box not in the bubble with the figure.  It is polly-bagged and taped to an “L” shaped piece of cardboard in the mailer box so that it’s not in the package with the figure, as that would not be accurate to it’s vintage counterpart (if that had come to pass).

Again, since Mr. Mxyzptlk was supposed to be a pack in figure when sculpted and not a full figure, Mattel included the largest of the collect and connect parts, Kalibak’s torso with Mr. Myx so it would feel to fans that they were getting more for their money.

SPMrMyxCnCPart2 SPMrMyxCnCPart

Mattel’s flight stand works well for this figure if you have one handy.  Since there’s no peg hole it just slips around the waist.


Doing what he does best, bothering Superman:


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The figure is available to order on on October 15th, 2014.


This sample was provided by Mattel

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  • Ron says:

    Sorry, unless you are a serious Super Powers fan, this whole SP homage was a let down for most other DCUC collectors. Mattel could have smartly made re-paints of already tooled figures to have released new and different characters many fans long demanded (which may have resulted in stronger sales and possibly save or resurrect the line) – instead they offered the same tired characters in different colors – a lazy effort and exemplifies Mattel’s failure or refusal to invest and support the line while having the nerve to blame the fans for not blindly subscribing. Most DCUC collectors could care less about these SP repaints (with the possible exception of finally getting a lighter blue Superman – although mine has a green hue to it!), which is why the first wave of these SP repaints, after weeks on-line at Matty, are still all available – especially at the absurd price of about $42 (after shipping & tax). Really, a Mr. Mxy 3-POA pack-in figure (the only new character in the bunch) will cost you $42! It’s probably better to wait until they are sitting on them at this price for some time and they are forced to lower the prices to clear them out. Sorry for sounding bitter, but I can’t help but lament how Mattel neglected and mismanaged this line into the ground when it could’ve been the equivalent of Marvel Legends. So many wanted characters left undone. So many teams left incomplete.

  • Darrell says:

    Amen, Ron, amen.

  • Al says:


    I was a Signature Series subscriber and then got shut out for Doomsday when the line failed. No first come shot nothing.

    Now Mattel wants me to pony up 42 bucks for a accessory piece?

    Moved over to Marvel Legends and love it.

    Good job Mattel.

  • Mesum says:

    Matty giving us one last new mini-figure sculpt as a “troll” to the fans.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    interesting mattel decides one more figure for the dc line that they really did not do as much as they were doing with motu and he is almost nothing but a statue given how little articulation he his plus he is proably stuck in that sitting position.

  • Up up and away! says:

    I love the DCU, but was anybody clamoring for a Mxy figure? After the disappointment of the first Super Powers wave, I’m not sorry I skipped this guy as well as that weird not-Riddler repaint.

  • loversf says:

    This Mr. Myxzptlk is TRASH

  • j.worm says:

    i can’t figure out why the four horsemen don’t know what the human head or face actually look like. i mean, these guys are supposed to be good, right? maybe that’s why they stick to animals in their own lines.

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