Mattel’s NYCC Panel Report
April 19, 2008


Update! AFI "Man of Action" Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga sends in more pics from the con floor!



Update! AFI reader Sam "79bats" Freij sends in these pics from the con floor! More to come tonight!












We had several friends sitting in on this panel feeding us info as the reveal it.  There’s a lot of ground to cover and I did my best to scribble it down as they relayed their notes.  We hope to have pictures soon. News is still tricking in, so keep checking back for more updates throughout the day!!! Huge thanks to Arsenio3 for on-site reporting!


The BIG news first!

The SDCC exclusives: 

1.JLU 10” and 4” Giganta 2-pack $20.   Looks like the 4” figure is the Back Canary body with a new head.  The 10” is the Wonder Woman body with a new head.  Both have a dress that fits over the body.  

2. DCUC LOBO!  And his DOG!   It’s the Lobo with dreads look.  The room went bananas at this reveal. Lobo will also be $20. No bike,just the main man, his pooch, and some bitchin’ chains!


The Dark Knight- There are 5” regular and deluxe figures as well as the 6” Movie Masters line. There’s an unmasked batman chase in the MM line.


JLU- This is a line for the fans now and we will be rewarded for sticking with the line this long. The line is a Target exclusive starting in August of 2008.   They are working on the international distribution still.

Possibility of more non-JLU characters in 2009, but not 2008. Trying to do more pack-in accessories like Wonderpig. 

There will be all new 6 packs, 3packs and singles.

16 new figures and repaints in 2008

Wave 1 singles- Redecoed/relreleased Hawkman with Mace, Kilowog with Lantern (didn’t see anything else different), Superman in Black and silver (like resurrection suit, but with same head/short hair and a black cape.  I think it came with some kryptonite?) Stargirl with cosmic rod (same as Starman’s), Superfriends/Dick Sprang redecoed Batman- light blue cape and cowl, yellow oval around chest bat), black on forehead.

3packs- wave 1- Galatea! With Superman and Huntress.  Captain Atom!!!, with Green Lantern and Supergirl.

6-packs- The Kirby 4th world Apokalips 6-pack announced a few months back with Mantis, Superman, Darkseid, Mr. Miracle, Lashina and Forager

Another 6-pavk is Atomic Skull, KGBeast, Shadow Thief, Silver Banshee, The Key, and Batman repaint.

ReRelease of the Grodd 6-pack with new decos.  Lex in his greenish-yellow jumpsuit, blue tux Red Hood, darker Grodd, dark blue cowl Batman. Flash?


Superfriends Nothing new shown we didn’t see at Toy Fair.


DCUniverse Classics- There are a bunch of retailer exclusives.  A Wal-Mart exclusive wave (DC at Wal-Mart!  Yeah!) and some TRU 2-packs. DCUC will be carried there starting with Wave 3!

Wave 4- Cyborg, Batman Beyond(!?!), Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, Aries CnC- Despero 8 ½” tall (looks like the Total Justice version w/ collar, belts, big gun, etc.)

Wave 5? 6?- Recovery Suit Superman (long hair, black suit), Mr. Miracle, Hawkman.  

Wave 4 variants – Artemis WW, Kingdom Come Captain Atom.

Man-Bat in brown deco coming 2009!

Bonus Walmart wave in August – Amazo, Atom (Ray Palmer), Riddler(hush version with jacket), Eradicator(‘Reign of the Supermen’ version), Black Lightning (modern version, bald) C&C figure crazy robot Metallo. (ed note: Mattel, we better be getting a classic Black Lightning variant! I’m just sayin’…)

TRU 2-packs– August -Redecos, new figures, hard to find rereleases. “Fan demanded”

Batgirl (classic Barbara) & Azreal, Orion with removable helmet & Lightray. 



DC Infinite Heroes- 3 ¾” figures.  Singles, 3-packs, variants with singles. 54 figure in 2008.  6-packs and 8 packs at TRU.

Wave 1- August- Black Atom, Adam Strange, Black hand, Guy Gardner, Shazam, Reverse Flash, Atom (new guy)

3-pack- Comm Gordon and 2 GPD officers

Flash, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard. 


Mattel may have online store! More at SDCC!  No Vertigo figures in any Mattel lines.


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