Mattel's Q&A Answers for June 1st
June 1, 2009

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums.  


Q1: If Target where to cancel the JLU line before the end of this year would Mattel then resort to selling the already announced JLU on

A1: It is Mattel’s policy not to speculate what retailers may do with existing product lines.

Q2: (Thanks for taking the time to answer many of our questions) My question is: will you be re-releasing the 2003 Buisness Suit Lex Luthor with attack armor, anytime in the near future?

A2: There are no current plans to re-release this figure.

Q3:Are you still considering selling DCUC figures on the Matty Collector site, and if so how will these be priced compared to e-tailers and retailers that carry the line? Also will you sell cases and individual figures or just choose one of those options?

A3: Right now we are looking at carrying the Wave 9 figures “open stock” in July. They will be priced at about retail cost.

Q4: Regarding JLU, is there any chance we will see Golden Age versions of some of the characters? Several of these could be done with a simple repaint, though others would require new sculpting. (Wonder Woman’s eagle on her chest, the Flash’s Mercury helmet, etc).

A4: This is something we are looking into!

Q5: Would you ever consider expanding the Justice Lords concept to other characters in the JLU line, like Justice Lords Green Arrow for example?

A5: A great suggestion. No plans quite yet, though.

Q6: DCIH: What is figure #23 for in Infinite Heroes and why have we not seen it at retail yet?

A6: Figure #23 is a single carded version of Arsenal who will first be in the upcoming Mallah’s Revenge 6 pack this fall at Wal-Mart.

Q7: With the Matty Collector MOTUC subscription plan, I understand the logistics of why we need to decide on 2010 as early as August 2009, but I have concerns about agreeing to a 16 month subscription service before even trying it out once. Is there any possibility of reducing the subscription amounts into smaller blocks like 4 months or 6 months to reduce the risk on the buyer’s part?

A7: The 2009 service is for Sept – Dec and the 2010 service is a separate buy for 12 months of 2010. This will be the only type of subscription offered at this time. 

Q8:If we’re ordering other Mattel product, such as DCUC 2pks or Ghostbusters, will we be able to combine the orders to save on shipping? It is awesome that come November I can get my MOTU figure no hassle, but it will be financially burdensome to have to pay double shipping when I have to go order a DCUC 2pk and a Ghostbuster separate even though they’d all be shipping from the same place on the same day.

A8: For logistic reasons, the subscription figures will ship separate from any other orders placed that month. Other orders for non-subscription product can be combined, however.

Q9: I understand the Matty Collector Gotham Rogues didn’t meet sales expectations. Are there any thoughts to releasing more Bat Villains at retail? Personally I think that’s the place for them since Batman characters have the recognizability for parents, kids, and collectors, while maybe Amanda Waller and Eiling would have worked better online.

I got the impression a lot of collectors didn’t feel the extra cost online was worth it for characters they already had figures of (not sure how anyone could pass on Scarecrow though!) How about a Batman themed 3 or 6 pack with a Bats Repaint (Bruce Wayne head would be even

better) and a bunch of new animated Batman villains? Include at least a few newly sculpted villains and parents, kids, and collectors won’t pass this up on the shelves at Target.

A9: We do have more Bat characters planned. Stay tuned!

Q10: What exactly DC-VERTIGO charecters Mattel can’t do:
– SHADE THE CHANGING MAN DITKO (he is very different from Milligan version)
– Swamp Thing (originally was a DC book)
– ANIMAL MAN (Was originally a DC book)
And others?

A10: As announced at NYCC by DC, “Vertigo” characters are available for DCUC if the character is currently appearing in DC comic titles. If the character is currently only in Vertigo (like Swamp Thing) then he is a Vertigo character. If that character starts appearing more in DC titles, it becomes a DC Universe character.

Thanks to ToyGuru and Matty for all the answers.

We need more questions to submit to Mattel.  We need them by Sunday night.  Remember they can be about any Mattel product including MOTUC, Ghostbusters and Cars.  You can submit new questions in this thread.

You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Mattel board.



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