Mattel’s Update on the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Pre-order
August 11, 2013

Today Scott aka ToyGuru took to the Facebook page to offer fans a bit more information and details about the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 preorder:

About the Ecto-1: No Pre-Payment Required & More

Ghostbusters Fans,


Anybody seen any ghosts? How about an Ecto-1?

Okay, so it is no secret that the Ecto-1 pre-sale is a little low. I reached out to AJ at GBfans and some other big fans of the paranormal and I wanted to take a sec to address any outstanding concerns or questions folks have about the Ecto-1in case there are miscommunications or false info that might be keeping anyone from preordering what is sure to be one of the greatest Ghostbusters collectibles of all time.


First off, the price.

Yes, totally hear you. $215 is a premium item. But let me break down what you are getting and where the value is. The Ecto-1will be a 100% fully tool’d car with lights and sounds and all of the bells and whistles you can imagine (have you seen our Castle Grayskull!). A lot of folks are comparing it to the retail 1966 Batmobile, which is at a lower price. When comparing the two toys, keep in mind that the Batmobile is a two person car with a relatively normal front and back and no roof. The Ecto-1, on the other hand, is more than twice the size! It fits four, has an above average long front and back (per the original car) has a roof (with a whole mess of details and equipment on it) and unlike the 1966 Batmobile, the Ecto-1is rigged with tons of electronics including the trademark siren, engine noises, and a clip from the Ghostbusters theme song. Also, a lot of people bought the awesome Hot Wheels Elite Ecto-1 last year for $180.  Although it was diecast, the car is WAYYYYYYY smaller and had no lights and sounds. You really are getting a ton of bang for your buck.

Other folks are asking or are concerned about pre-buying when they don’t see the final product. I really do wish we could just make a prototype car, tool it up and show it to all the fans first. But with the way today’s market is and skyrocketing costs, there is just no way we can move forward on an item this big without a locked-in presale quota.

The good news is that if you preorder and we hit our goal, you will be able to watch as the toy develops as we show new models at NYTF and SDCC next year, leading up to the final product shipping in Q4 2014. And if you do not like what you see as the toy develops you can always cancel.

So if your concern is you are not 100% sure without seeing the final product, I really would urge you to come on board.  You will have the chance to cancel if you don’t like how the toy is developing and you don’t have to pay a dime up front! Your credit card will be authorized for zero dollars just to make sure it’s a valid card but you won’t actually be charged until it ships. There’s no risk but the pay off on finally having an Ecto-1in scale to your 6” line is huge!

A few other items to re-clear up if there are remaining obstacles for fans; a few folks have been concerned about older 2009-2011 product showing up at discount retailers and the Mattel Toy Store (which is open to the public at 333 Continental Blvd, 90245). Fans were asking why this product would be sold at discount and not on Matty? The bottom line is we DID offer this older product on Matty first on Cyber Monday last year. After we sold off what we could at this sale, we announced back in Dec 2012 that remaining product would be moved to clearance to both help promote the line to more casual fans and make room for all the new 2013 and 2014 product. It took 6 months but that product is now showing up and I think a few people forgot we announced this back in December.

We can’t afford to just store older product indefinitely. That increases handling fees and we don’t want to pass that on to the customer. So we needed to clear this out. 2012 product and forward had production cut way back (i.e. for MOTU there were no more second runs) and other items like the Ecto-1are built to order. So you WON’T see these items showing up years later at clearance prices. Essentially our first few years were a learning experience and we over-produced some figures beyond what the fan base was. To keep costs down they were first sold at discount on Matty and later moved to clearance retailers. You won’t see this happen again in the future simply because we have reduced production to sell through rates or are now only building to order (like with the Ecto 1). If your concern is product showing up at discount, you won’t see that again. This was a onetime deal to clear out product that is almost 3 years old and was over produced. So I hope this won’t stop you from preordering the Ecto-1!

I’ve even seen some folks say they don’t want to buy this to “punish Mattel” (?). Guys, let’s be real. Mattel does not need to make these collector toys to keep the company going. Mattycollector is a VERY small brand within Mattel run by very passionate folks. In the end, for a company like Mattel it makes more sense to just make more Barbies and Max Steels and Hot Wheels. We make GB toys and MOTU toys (and all Matty items) because we love the brands and we love our fans. Not supporting awesome toys like this is only hurting each other (I count me there as a fan too!). Mattel will move on with or without the Ecto 1. But for GB fans, this is our one chance to make this happen for us. It is about us and the toys we have been waiting for! This has nothing to do with moving the Mattel stock price. I hate to see fans not buy an Ecto-1for the that reason. We are doing this for us, the GB fans.

So in the end, if we can reach the minimum pre-order your Ecto-1is coming! This is the toy you have asked us to make for years, but it simply is not possible to invest in this much tooling without a preorder minimum. The risk is nothing — you aren’t charged to pre-order and can cancel if you don’t like where it is going. It is HUGE and has lights and sounds, we are delivering it at the lowest cost possible in order to maintain scale and quality, and all product 2012 and forward is produced in lower quotas or built to order so you won’t see it discounted in the future. We can’t do this without your help guys. Opportunities like this rarely come around. And this one won’t repeat itself. If you want an Ecto-1 to go with your 6” GB line, now is the time! The preorder minimum must be met by Aug 19th or it may just be the end of the world as we know it.

If anyone has further questions or needs anything cleared up, please head over to the ASK MATTY forums on and I will do all I can to clear up and answer all questions.



Daniel Pickett
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  • Darren D says:

    Like I said before, make the 4 main guys available again for later buyers like myself who missed out and I’m in. But there’s no point in me joining the party now when I can’t fill up those seats. Not all collectors ravenously devour each and every product, especially overseas customers like myself who have to pay extra shipping and 20% import fees.
    Right now this feels like a clique that the latecomers aren’t allowed into, which for a toy is pretty pathetic.

  • Darren D says:

    well what the hell, I just pre-ordered. I bagged a loose Egon and Ray on ebay quite cheap, if this is made I’ll keep an eye out for Pete and Winston.
    Bring in on!

    • Mako says:

      You do realize that Egon and Ray you bagged will NOT fit in this, right?

      • Darren D says:

        Yep, I spotted that while investigating. I ordered the full pack with the new Ray and Pete along with Ecto 1 as I’m now commited to the idea of this beast. If it gets made I’ll have the chaps in the car and extra figures to run alongside, if not, well I’m still glad I got the ghostbusters

  • UncleMarsellus says:

    What would be nice is–if this happens–they go back and make versions of Egon and Winston that can sit in the Ecto-1 like the new Peter and Ray. But first things first.

  • TRDouble says:

    I hope this goes through. Even with no guarantee that we will ever get a Winston and Egon that can fit inside, I think it’s going to be a really cool item for the Matty GB collection. And as a collector, I like the electronics being put into it too. I think it will be better that Voltron, which cost more than the Ecto-1, Ray and Peter combined.

  • Mako says:

    I love how they compare this to the ’66 Batmobile to show it isn’t overpriced, when the Batmobile was, pound for pound, the most overpriced toy I believe Mattel has ever produced (for the measly price of 50 dollars you get TWO pair of turning wheels!).

    • UncleMarsellus says:

      How many vehicles for the 6″ scale do you see in the marketplace? Hasbro’s Star Wars line saw their midsize vehicles hit the $30 to $35 range in the last couple of years and those were for 3.75″ scale figures and often didn’t do much more than an open canopy and maybe a couple spring-loaded weapons. They were also, surely, produced in greater quantities than the Batmobile ever will be. So, to me, $50 for a toy primarily aimed at pulling the nostalgia strings for 40-60 year-olds is right in line with what we should expect for something that will be available at mass-retail.

      Criticize Mattel if you must but let’s be fair.

  • Scott Gordon says:

    How much would it be without the electronics? Bottom line is the car and the two figures with tax and shipping come out to $315, and that is just crazy!

    I’d be much more interested in a cheaper version that had less “bells and whistles”. I’m for any of the features that will look good on a shelf, but I’ll play with the electronics once before I remove the batteries to prevent leakage and put the car in my display.

    Give us a price without the electronics, see if that ups the sales…

  • Brian says:

    So, basically, if every toy collector who really wants this (or not) would preorder, risk-free, hitting the magic production number on the thermometer, then the vehicle would go into production. Then, all those same collectors could just cancel their orders, without cost, after it’s gone into production, and Mattel would be left with enough unsold preorder stock to ship out to Big Lots for $20 retail? Sounds good.

  • Donald Whittemore says:

    I know this is old, but will Mattel be releasing a 1/6th scale Ecto-1 now with the classics line?

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