Matty Answers for Feb 13th
February 13, 2009

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums.  There are some very interesting hints and reveals in this installment, so read it carefully and let the speculating begin! 

Q1) Is there a possibility of ever using a different female body for characters in the JLU, other than the wide legged high heeled version? Could you/would you ever consider using the Shyera Hol figure sans belt buckle?? What about the Catwoman for smaller characters like Supergirl or Stargirl (of course with a smaller head) will you ever be sculpting a new torso for the Shayera figure to give us a flat footed, blank body for upcoming female figures in JLU?
I AMAZED at all you have done for this line…and the character variety has been great…. but I for one would love to see this body utilized further

A1) We are working on getting more parts for a female body lined up. Our new Mary Marvel figure has new legs with boot cuffs (which might be perfect for a certain Kryptonian figure…). But the Hawkgirl figure does not have a removable belt, so this is not exactly an option. And yes, if a figure would work with the Catwoman body or the Batgirl body that would be a great option as well. We would only use it through if it works for the figure.

Q2)  The Batman: I think the vast majority of fans of this line still want Green Arrow in this style to complete the version of the JL that was on the show. Could we Green Arrow as a or con exclusive?

A2) If there is enough fan interest we certainly could look into doing this!

Q3)  Will the DCUC 2 packs and JLU figures ever going to be available outside the US? Please don’t make too much exclusives, its extremely difficult for us international fans to get them I haven’t got any new JLU figures for a while now here in Singapore.

A3) Yes, both the DCUC 2 packs and the JLU packs are available on international cards for areas outside of the US if retailers order them. Remember, we can only ship product to retailer who order it. So ask your local retailer to do so! The JLU packs however will be in a slightly different configuration with a heavier mix of Batman and Superman in the packs due to international market demands.

Q4)  Will we ever see the pictures for the new DCUC 2-packs? I understand that pre orders are driving these sales and whether or not they’ll be made but I don’t want to pre order something I’ve never seen.

A4) Yes, images of both the Batman vs. Clayface and the Superman vs. Brainiac packs were shown at NYCC and are available to online retailers to post. These will be the only packs for 2009. There was not enough retailer interest to continue the packs past these two. We will look into other ways to get to the figures slated for the other packs down the line.

Q5) will we ever see abin sur in the JLU line? He would be a very eassy to make single card repaint/new head that I am sure alot of people myself included would buy. What about a repaint of kyle raynor to match his STAS appearance

A5) Stay tuned. Abin is always a possibility. After all, all he is is a new head!

Q6)  You say that DCUC series 5 is still shipping to Wal-Marts. So will they continue to ship throughout the year? If not, how long will they continue to ship. As of 1/31/09, there have been no sightings on ebay, or any of the Wal-Marts that have or have not carried DCUC product.

A6) We have now completed shipping Wave 5 to Wal-Mart, so it is up to Wal-Mart to now distribute to there stores. But the good news is this wave (and the mainline) has done very well for Wal Mart and they have agreed to increase the number of stores taking DCUC in the future!

Q7)  SuperFriends and Imaginext: How are these selling and what can we expect for new product coming in these lines? Translated: Will we be seeing the already shown Hawkman and Robin in this line hit retail? Will Imaginext get tiny versions of Lex, Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, etc? Will the lines continue into 2009 with new product?

A7)Superfriends will be continuing (for the time being) as the Imaginez line from Fisherprice. It is doing very well and we hope to have new skus to show off at SDCC.

Q8) Will The Batman The Brave And The Bold Have Any Exclusives On Matty collector? And Blue Beetle Wave 1 Is The Only Way To Get Him Is His Deluxe Figure Will He Be Released As A Regular Single?

A8) A Blue Beetle is available both as a single and deluxe figure in the line. At this point there are not plans for any figure for B&TB, but if there is enough fan interest we can certainly look into that!

Q9) Why cant Mattel sell the regular DCUC waves on Hasbro sell all but their exclusive Marvel Legends waves on their website.

A9) We are actually looking into this and hope to have some news to announce soon. It is just a matter of getting all of our ducks in a row!

Q10)  Have you ever thought of doing a full checklist or Poster of all the characters in your Disney/Pixar Cars line?  It’s so hard to keep up with that line and know what I have or don’t have.  I need a visual guide!

A10) We will pass this suggestion on to the Cars team!


So there you have it!   Thanks to ToyGuru and Matty for all the answers.

You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Mattel board.


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