MattyPalooza Panel Roundup!
July 19, 2013

Below is the summary for the MATTYPALOOZA Panel!  Live updates/edits as we get more information!

Lots of pictures from MattyCollector here as well:


DC Signature Collection

2014 Club Infinite Earths Subscription

Again, it’s all about the fans for 2014 and Club Infinite Earths is planning to release the most fan-demanded club exclusive figure ever… Doomsday! If the 2014 subscription goal is reached, subscribers will receive a first-ever 6” Doomsday figure in prison garb… but, here’s the thing… if we exceed our Level 1 goal and reach our level 2 subscriber goal, it gets even better (or worse, depending on which side you’re on). A higher number of subscribers means we’ll be able to make an even more insane “Unleashed” Doomsday figure, one that’s bigger (and badder) complete with his classic shredded uniform!

The first three club figures were also announced, starting with 90′s look Aquaman scheduled for January, Ice scheduled for February, and “Conner Kent” Superboy in his classic black shirt look scheduled for March.

Club Infinite Earths subscriptions are available right now, ending on Monday, 8/19 at 11:59pm PT, and we’ll be tracking the progress toward Level 2 and that bigger, badder Doomsday.

To subscribe and get details about figures, shipping, and more, click here for 2014 Club Infinite Earths.


Huntress coming in September.

Ocean Master in October.

Ra’s al Ghul in November.

Batzarro in December.



Hook Hand Aquaman shown.

JLI member ICE is January.

Conner Kent Superboy (jeans/tee) in March.

2014 DC CLUB IE Subscription Only figure – Doomsday!  Figure will be two Tiers based on Sub numbers – Doomsday in prison outfit for Tier 1, Unleashed Doomsday for Tier 2.  More info on the tiers later.




Ozymandias – will come with two heads, one will be masked.





ECTO-Goggles – $110. Comes with 4 slimer animation shots of Slimer, interacts with PKE Meter and will show exclusive animation of the Library Ghost. Also comes with stickers for customization.

Proton Wand – $130. Has lights and sounds, visual meter, rumble vibration “kickback”, Stream on/off and visual meter, Stream length adjustment, and “Crossing the Streams” effect. “Potentially” could plug into an eventual Proton Pack (hypothetically)

30th Anniversary ECTO-1 – scaled for 6″ figures, lights and sounds, opening trunk, rolling wheels – $215.00 by preorder

Also showed Peter and Ray with removable packs that could fit inside the ECTO-1; they could be bundled with the ECTO-1 purchase.

From Mattel:

Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1/Ray Stantz/Peter Venkman Pre-Order

We’ll cut to the chase… because now your 6” Ghostbusters™ figures can, too! We’ve got a new Ghostbusters™ toy, the very first Ecto-1 vehicle in scale to 6” Ghostbusters™ figures, which means it’ll be HUGE! Designed hand-in-hand with Sony, this flagship product in the all-new Epic Creations™ line will be available for pre-order starting… now and ending November 5, 2013.

This Ecto-1 will feature amazing details, including, among others, opening doors and trunk, headlights that really flash, a beacon that lights up with blue and red lights, an authentic Ecto-1 siren and engine revving sounds! It will also feature a pull-out rack for storing the removable proton packs that come with the new 6” Peter and Ray figures (see info below), and if that’s not awesome enough, everyone who pre-orders will receive an exclusive poster of the Ecto-1 schematic! This vehicle will be produced only if the minimum pre-order goal is reached by November 5, 2013.

The new 6” Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz figures feature a newly sculpted torso so they can actually sit in the new Ecto-1, and both come with a proton stream, a removable proton pack and a “No Ghost” base. These two figures will be made only if the minimum pre-order goal for the Ecto-1 is reached by November 5, 2013. Click here to pre-order the new Ecto-1 and Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman figures.



Masters of the Universe Classics

2014 Club Eternia® Subscription

It was clear that 2014 is all about you as Club Eternia® enters its fifth year (yeah!) with a focus on the fans. We’ve got top requested core figures, “A list” animated and mini-comic characters, plus, for the first time, your choice of monthly or quarterly shipping options. And get ready for some truly evil news… it was revealed that the club-exclusive character for 2014, the figure that only subscribers receive, will be the evilest of all evils, the Unnamed One™, arriving with an all-new Horde Empire map!

The first three club figures were also announced… Two Bad® with his vintage shield and 2002 mace scheduled for January, Glimmer™, second in command to She-Ra® scheduled for February, and Hydron™, the New Adventures deep sea commander scheduled for March.

Club Eternia® subscriptions are available right now, ending on Monday, 8/19 at 11:59pm PT. This year we’re tracking the journey toward meeting the subscriber goal with a very cool meter, so we’ll all be able to see that we really do have the power… to go ahead with the 2014 Club Eternia®!

To subscribe and get details about figures, shipping, and more, click here for 2014 Club Eternia®.


Sky High and Sled in September.

Mantenna for October.

Lord Dactus in October.

Geldor in November (Fan Choice), comes with new Sticker Sheet.

Plundor in December.

Club Filmation Batros in September.

Club Filmation Nephthu in October.

Club Filmation Horde Trooper 2-pack in October – two versions, battle damage and clean versions, comes with 4 Accessories.

Club Filmation Sea Hawk in November.

Club Filmation Strong-Or / Strong-arm in December.

End of Wars Weapons Pack #4 (with Kowl!) in October.

Castle Greyskull in November, $300 Day-Of Sale with limited stock.

New Castle Stands in November.


Two-Bad in January.

Glimmer in February

Hydron in March

Modulok is Quarterly Oversized figure, $40. Lots of pieces for customizing.

Goatman is Traveling Convention Exclusive, available at NY Comic Con and PowerCon.

Unnamed One in March, no image shown, comes with Mini-Comic.

Horde Empire Map in March.

StandarStan Lee collaboration figure! Available beginning at ComiKazi 2013.

Scorpia was shown, no details provided.

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  • Clutch says:

    I feel sorry for the Doomsday fans who are having their heads messed with in regards to the meter this year.

    I can get Ice and maybe Ra’s and Ocean Master through BBTS or eBay. Otherwise, the 90’s are not my thing. so I am out.

    As for MOTUC, I’m glad that Two-Bad is finally being released but you know it’s overkill when they announce a freaking Stan Lee/MOTUC mash-up. (Standar? Really?) The number of characters unknown to me now far outweighs any appeal the line may have left, so I’m likely bailing out here as well.

  • kev says:

    What do you mean horde troopers club filmation? They come with the sub or outside? Or do you mean club Eternia? Thanks

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