Mattypalooza #SDCC2014 Panel – Updated With pictures (in gallery)
July 25, 2014

UPDATE- We now have the FULL gallery of every slide in the presentation uploaded HERE in our galleries! CLICK HERE to see them all! 


DC Universe Signature Series – releasing the final 4 figures for 2014.


Damian Wayne Robin

Prison Suit Doomsday



Ultra figures quarterly on ($20)

Black Manta

Batman Beyond (removable wings, three different heads)

Firestorm (Q4, 2014)



Super Powers Collection – 30″ Anniversary

6 figures, Kalibak collect & Connect figure


Wonder Woman

Batman (Sept)


Mr. Mxyzptlk

Superman Gold (Oct)

Green Lantern as the Riddler (card all in spanish)




Utility Belt – available now

Cowl – real cloth over plastic shell, $100, Sept. 14



Ecto Goggles – $100 available now

Proton Wand – $130 available now

30th Anniversary 2 packs (removable proton packs, includes stand and proton stream), $50 each for pack #1 w/ Ray & Winston and pack #2 w/ Peter & Egon

2015 – The Animated Real Ghostbusters!



Updated She-Ra costume in the DC comic

Doing all the eras of He-Man with Dark Horse Book written by Tim Sealy (30 years of history, sketches, prototypes and more from Mattel secret archives, restored art of Earl Norem, cooperation of He-Man historians, first official art book for MOTU)

Castle Grayskull $300 – still available!


MOTU Minis

Continue to ship through 2014 (packs 1-3 will return in Aug. as a bundle, packs 4-6 will be offered as a one-time bundle in Aug) $20

Faker vs Man-at-Arms (Aug 14), Zodac vs Beast Man (Oct. 14), King He-Man vs. Clawful (Dec. 14), collect & connect castle

2015 – minis will be offered as sub

6 2 packs ($20), sign up fee ($20) to cover diorama

MOTU mini sub opens in Oct.

She-ra vs Horde Trooper (jan/feb 15)

Jitsu Vs Mecaneck (mar/apr 15)

Snake Mountain diorama


MOTU Giants

Recreation of vintage 8-back figure in 12″ scale, vintage weapons & armor, twist waist, “rubber band” legs, packaged on over-sized vintage blister card, original watercolor cross-sell art on back, 4 figures in 2014 released monthly starting in sept., also available as monthly subscription to combine 6″ figures, OR pre-order as a bundle of 4 in sept, with all 4 shipping in dec

He-Man (Sept), $75

Skeletor (Oct), $75

Stratos (Nov) $75

Beast-Man (Dec) $75


MOTU Classics

Eldor (Oct), comes with sticker sheet of “Evil Warriors” and “Heroic Warriors”

Sweet Bee (Oct) – NO Day of Sale

Light Hope (Oct) – Sub-only fig

Battle Ram w/Man at Arms (Oct, comes with Snake and Gryphon pieces) – Day of Sale item

Tung Lashor (Nov, comes with swappable heads with tongue in and tongue out)

Q4 Item – Arrow (Bow’s Horse) with removable wings

New Adventures Galactic Protector She-Ra (Nov)

Gwildor w/cosmic key (Nov Holiday Item)

Mermista (Dec, comes with pieces to swap for mermaid form and includes stand to hold her up)

Spinnerella $30 (Dec, enhanced figure, the hair is 3 different pieces that you can move and customize)


2015 – All toy lines must end! 2015 is the end of the vintage line, but 6″ will continue in some form as long as sales are there.

Filmation Lizard Man (Jan, comes with Skeletor Sword and ray of disappearance)

Ninjor (Feb, with swappable head)

Q1 Item – 2 pack Snake Armor He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hiss (Feb)

Huntara (March, Fan Choice) – sub only)

Castle Grayskull Blueprints (March)

Oo-Larr (Sub only, original mini-comic version of He-Man, comes with swappable heads)

Skeletor’s Hover Robots (Traveling Convention Item, 3 packs, each with stands and interchangeable hands and a sticker sheet for battle damage deco)


That’s all, folks! Look for lots of photos soon!

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  • demoncat_4 says:

    nice including more fillmation characters plus the diemond ray of disapperance in toy form with lizzard man. plus Huntra at long last. mattel really is showing motu love.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    interesting no mention of surfs up joker or that they finaly have batgirl coming for batman 66 packed with a bat computer and shark repellant and another batman and robin

  • Joe Diaz says:

    So when does the Damian Wayne as Robin go up for Preorder?

  • Steph says:

    You need to check your MOTUC sources. Ninjor is sub only (no day of sale) while Huntara to this point in a normal release. Thanks!

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