May 1st – Indy toys have arrived!
May 1, 2008

Well, May 1st has FINALLY arrived and my excitement comes from being able to "officially" buy the new Indiana Jones toys (Jonathan Coulton’s idea sounds good, but I’m gonna need a wife first, but I digress…).  I hit the local Wal-Mart at midnight and scored one of every basic and deluxe 3 3/4" figure for the launch (I passed on the vehicles ’cause that would’ve added another $40 and I just couldn’t bring myself to do that this morning…)  Here’s my collection so far… (I apologize for the sloppy photography)

It’s going to kill me until I can get a bigger shelf to put them on and I’ve got to find a way to display all of those wonderful artifacts and crates much better than they are now.  Since Mr. Rogers has been doing such a fantastic job of reviewing the items so far, I don’t want to tread into his territory so I’ll just post a few thoughts about the line so far…

  • First, I love what’s out there so far.  That’s not to say that I don’t have a few nit-picky complaints (which are on down the list) but overall I’m pretty darn happy with what I’ve gotten.
  • The character selection is great, lots of variety except for Indy.  Granted he’s got to have the fedora and all, but it would’ve been nice to have gotten something a bit different in at least one of the Indys, maybe that will change with the Temple of Doom wave due in September — white tux Indy, anyone?
  • The artifacts.  Wow!  Who would have ever thought that a mass-market toy line (and, folks, these are toys) would ever have a statue of a nude woman giving birth (in 3 of the 3 3/4" line alone!) and a decaying human head attached to a goblet that’s being used as a pitcher in the films?  Not to mention the cremated remains of a Chinese Emperor or the pit full of skewered skulls.  Somebody better being coming with a flaming heart and some chilled monkey brains…
  • The collection of "crates" you end up with after opening all of the artifacts is quite impressive, too.  I gotta hand it to Hasbro, I think they’ve created the absolute coolest pack-ins ever with these, at least until the Droid Factory waves of Star Wars start showing up, I may have to change my mind then…
  • As much as I like the artifacts, I gotta say that I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t keep them all in scale with the figures.  Sure some of them would have been much smaller but then they could’ve have been used better in displays.  Oh, well… at least most of the artifacts important to the films are being released as normal accessories as well.
  • The troop builders are pretty nice, too, with three slightly different German soldiers plus the motorcycle trooper but the Ugha Warrior, Cemetary Warrior and Russian Soldier all suffer from being one of a kind, maybe that will change in later waves.  Plus the troops are a little thin at the moment with none of them being packed in large enough numbers for the line’s launch.
  • The deluxe figures are a terrific value compared to the basics.  For $3 more (on average) you get a second figure or a larger item/mini-playset.  The playsets should be fun for any kids into this stuff, but the horse and motorcycle are the most impressive to me.  The cycle looks like it’s been designed to have an add-on side-car so hopefully that will get re-issued with Indy and a side-car with Henry.  I must say that I’m a little disappointed in the horse.  Not that it’s not a great sculpt it’s just that it seems a little small with Indy in the saddle but I can’t wait to see it used again (and again and again) for Indy, Henry, Sallah and Marcus riding off into the sunset at the end of The Last Crusade or in the Star Wars line for Ewok and Marauder mounts (watch the Ewok TV movies if you don’t believe that there are horses in a galaxy far, far away…).
  • More than a little disappointed that there are two Marions on the pegs at once but both are from the same mold with a slight paint variation.  The outfit would’ve been great for the two pack with a different look for the single.  Sure this is just the first ROTLA wave but if this ends up anything like the Star Wars line we may never see any other outfits for her… (And the same will go for Willie and Elsa, too, I’m sure.)
  • Why did the Monkey Man and deluxe Marion come with the same monkey sculpt?  Hasbro couldn’t give us two different monkeys like the vintage line?  At least I’ll be buying extra deluxe Marions for custom fodder which means Captain Barbossa will finally be getting a good, non-Chinese pirate Jack the Monkey — at least until Zizzle brings back the 3 3/4" Pirates…
  • Anybody else think that Young Indy should have come with the dog?…
  • Here’s hoping for more vehicles — Jack’s biplane, the Zepplin biplane, Short Round’s car, Lao Che’s cargo plane, the flying wing.
  • We need another Well of the Souls playset.  Something like the vintage one would work fine.  And we also need German (burned and pre-burned) and US crates for the Ark.

…well I think I’ve said enough for this morning, I’ll leave you with the thought that I’m waiting patiently for Short Round’s release so that I can re-enact Into the Great Unknown from Star Wars Tales #19…


Jim Abell
DC collector from the Mego days, specifically Hasbro and Mattel releases. Also Hasbro and Disney Star Wars/Star Tours toys, Masters of the Universe Classics and most anything Four Horsemen related.
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  • Erik superfriend says:

    The fact that these are in scale with Star Wars AND the upcoming DC Infinihte Heroes is just going to drive Jeff C into the poor house and crazy at the same time.

  • Jeff Cope says:

    Poor house, yes. Crazy? Nah. Happy!

    I was at TRU this morning and picked up Indy (RotLA), old Indy (KotCS), Mutt (jacket), Cemetary Warrior and Sallah.

    Also picked up the truck.

    I had a $10 off $50 coupon that expires on the 3rd so this was timed well!

    My only nit pick on the stuff I got is that Raider’s Indy’s neck is way too short, so he comes off a bit stumpy.

    My 3-1/2 year old daughter asked why Indiana Jones has a purse.

  • JadOnTV says:

    Nice pics! I haven’t seen any toys in stores yet, but hopefully any day now.

    I’m just sticking to the must-have toys from Raiders, which includes that amazing Cargo Truck. I’m also disappointed they put out two virtually identical Marions at the same time – I’ll just get the two-pack and call it good.

  • CollosalFreakMajor says:

    I have heard that Hasbro has a moc-up flying wing built, ala BMF Falcon, that is currently planned if the line does well.
    Here’s hoping!

  • Jim Abell Jim Abell says:

    Don’t know how big of a flying wing Hasbro may have planned, but even if it is huge, it won’t have to be as detailed/action feature intensive as the BMF. Considering that the only interior part of the vehicle that would have to be finished would be the cockpit I would think that the price would be considerably cheaper than the BMF. But, I’m really not sure that a huge item like the flying wing would actually sell — the Falcon is a character in and of herself in the Star Wars mythos as well as a setting that much of the action takes place within, the flying wing on the other hand was more of a background piece…

  • Brainlock says:

    My nearest Target only got a case each of the Ark series, so I had no idea what all was really out, now. btw, is HENRY SR out, yet?

    and does anyone have shots of Indy in the Falcon up yet? Indy/Leia/Han love triangle or Indy/Marion and Han/Leia double date?

  • Mike says:

    Checklist for relics and the figure they come with please…

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