Meetball Party! – Teen Titans Go @ McDonalds
February 9, 2017

I often play a Teen Titans theme team in Dice Masters, so my friends know I like the Titans. So much that one was dying to tell me last week that the latest Happy Meal toys at McDonalds were based on the cartoon.

So I stopped by, bought a Happy Meal and got this beautiful new toy of Cyborg.  I waited until I got to the gaming shop to open it.  We were looking at the missile.  And then it hit us.  It’s a meatball.  There is an episode called Meatball Party where Cyborg inexplicably starts shooting meatballs at everyone.  And that is what they chose to incorporate into the toy.

Nicely done, toy designers for McDonalds, nicely done.


Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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