Metron’s Chair – Revolutions
November 22, 2011

Sometime back I posted a blog entitled The Bazooka Wormhole. I defined the phenomenon this way:

a) A geek obsession that results in countless lost hours exhausting every aspect of trivia related to the niche subject.
b) A compulsive preoccupation, at times against your will, with the minutiae of a particular topic within geek culture.

Urban Dictionary published my little term thus immortalizing it for all time. Anywho, after my first mock blog about Metron’s collection of chairs I pretty much got sucked down a 6″ scale chair wormhole and posted a second blog showcasing more cosmic settees. God forbid, I stop there. Whether or not you are still (or ever have been) entertained by photos of Metron with everything but his Mobius chair, here are some more entries…

Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann
Action figure anthropologist, Professor Cantina Dan Neumann has been a scholastic contributor to the online community studying the complex world of parumplasticus populus {little plastic people} since the turn of this millenium. His primary focus is the visual cataloging of species exhibits through photo-journalism.
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