Mighty Meeples – At your LGS Now.
January 15, 2017

Last week I was at my local gaming store (LGS).  I’ve been buying a lot of Dice Masters (more on that in another blog).  That day, I just did not feel like buying any more.  I like to buy something each week to help keep the business running.  This week, I was looking for something different.  And I found it.  Mighty Meeples.

Meeples are small wooden tokens used in many board games.  They are now also available in various character licenses.  Might Meeples at this point is a combination of DC’s Justice League, Legion of Doom and Batman villains.  Its really a great place to start a new line.

Intrigued, I bought a pack.  3 dollars is not a lot spend on a random item.  I was initially disappointed in how small they were, being only an inch tall, however that was quickly replaced by the exuberance of discovering there were 3 of them in the package instead of the expected 1.  Yes, I could have read the package more carefully, but I was not wearing my glasses.  Yes, lets go with that.

I showed them off to everyone at the gaming store who would see them.  They were so cool.  So cool that before I left for the night I bought 2 more packs.  And the standard issue with blind bagged items appeared.  I got 2 of the same character.

But look at this assortment of characters: Bizarro, Catwoman, Cyborg, Flash, Firestorm, Green Lantern (Hal), Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze.  Fantastic.  Sure, I missed the big names, but there is always next week…

(They also remind me of a kids sets of wooden figures which you stacked like above.  So it had to be done.)

For more on Meeples, may I suggest: Meeple Source

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