Missing the hunt while managing the costs…
May 7, 2008

So after reading Scott’s reviews of the new Indy toys I decided to go out over my lunch hour and pick some of them up. Being that I had a $40.00 TRU gift card eating a hole in my wallet I thought that’d be the best place to go. Well to my surprise there was NOT 1 single carded Indy figure left on the shelf. Not that they had that much shelf space for them to even begin with. I hope that TRU decides to give Indy some more room as we get closer to the movies release. So I made my way back to work and thought I’d check out my online options. 


Turns out TRU online had a few figures in stock and I could use my gift cards. So I bought the figures I wanted and even though I had to use my gift card money for shipping, it’s cheaper then spending it on gas while driving to 2-3 different TRU’s hoping they wuold have the figures I wanted on the shelves. As I was online I thought I’d try my luck at the Hasbro Toy Shop as well. It turns out they had quite a few figures In Stock and I had a code for 10% off, so basically that covered shipping. As I was checking out I noticed that although the figures were "In Stock" some would not ship for 2 months. I figured I might as well order them as again I didn’t want to spend more $$$$ on gas looking for stuff I’ll never find. I know some of you might think this is crazy, but in greater Los Angeles collectible toys are hard to find, especially when they are 1st released. You can toy hunt for days and never find anything. It’s not like it was when I was living in Oklahoma. Every time I go back home for a visit to see my folks, it’s like a toy wonderland, cause stuff is so easy to find. But that’s just not the case here in LA.

This got me thinking about the costs of toys. Not only the cost of the actual product but also the ancillary costs. Like what is my actual time worth? How much am I spending on gas?  etc… It started me thinking, is online shopping the better option?

Well I thought I’d break down the costs of the Indy figures themselves. I made a spreadsheet of all the figures I’m planning on buying. This includes figures that have been both released and announced. Now for the most part I’m a completist. I like to buy at least one figure of each character that is released. I try to stay away from multiple figures of the same character. Even still I added up the costs of the figures I bought and the figures I know I will end up getting (this includes vehicles and playsets by the way) and it was over $300.00. WOW!!! and this line has just started. Plus this cost did not include tax, gas, shipping etc.. 


So I guess my point is I’m spending alot of money on toys these days. So I guess the question is where is my time better spent. While I do enjoy the toy hunt, it seems that my options are better online these days. Sure I might spend a tad more on shipping, but at least I won’t come up empty handed.

Now all I need to do with wait for some boxes to arrive… in 2-3 months.  Ugh…

Until next time.

Bill "Fresh Monkey" Murphy
Bill hails from the land of sunny Los Angeles, CA. When he's not blogging about his favorite things here at AFI he produces visual effects for movies and writes comic books. He also just started his own toy company called Spy Monkey Toys with fellow AFI blogger Jeremy Sung. His toy collection consists of everything from Superheroes to miniature monkeys. If you want to read more of his crazy rantings you can check out his blog at www.mindofthefreshmonkey.blogspot.com.
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  • Daniel Pickett JuliusMarx says:

    Hey Bill. If you went to the TRU by your house looking for the Indiana Jones stuff- it’s ALL up at the front of the store on the back side of the customer service desk by the front registers. I didn’t think they had any either the other day until I was leaving and saw all of that.

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