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August 22, 2014



 We were overjoyed at the news this week that DC fans would be getting one last figure released on MattyCollector at the end of the year.   Ever since DOOMSDAY Unleashed was announced at the tier 2 figure for the 2014 DC Infinite Earths subscription, fans have wanted this massive Superman villain on their shelves.  However we all know that the 2014 DC sub only reached 63% of it’s needed funding and did not go through. The Doomsday Bound figure was already in production and therefore was changed to be released as a 2014 SDCC exclusive.  But the fans REALLY wanted this guy.

Every time they asked about getting him the answer back from Mattel was was always the same.   We didn’t even reach the tier 1 minimum.   Doomsday Unleashed was not coming.  We were crushed.  The figure was MASSIVE and was an incredible sculpt by the Four Horsemen.  Fans lobbied for this figure every month since July 2013 in every monthly Q&A, on message boards, the Matty Facebook page, fans suggested every possibility, every angle and every scenario to get this figure released and each time we were told “can’t happen.”

It turns out the Matty team wanted this figure too and never gave up hope in still trying to find a home for this figure despite the line it was designed for was cancelled.   They went so far as to design packaging to run it up to the powers that be at Mattel and DC Entertainment… and something cracked.

So how did this “never going to happen” figure get moved into production?  We reached out to our old friend Scott Neitlich on the team, and despite him being on vacation, took the time to send us the answer to that perplexing question:

“So basically a toy we NEVER thought was going to happen. We’ve been trying to find a way to make this figure for years and just felt the line would not not be complete without him. Essentially we have tried every angle possible, from a sub incentive to a con item. Finally we just felt, “go for it” and mocked one up as a “looks like model” in package to demonstrate how great it would look as a celebratory item to honor the ending of the 6″ 4HM line. We really felt a line this great deserved to go out on a high note, even if the sub did not hit the minimum.

The packaging team went all out with an almost 360 window box including a slip case with original art by Dan Jurgens. The package comp with toy was just so beautiful no one could say no and we FINALLY got the green light!

Wow, I don’t think the team has ever tried so hard to get a single figure out. I couldn’t be more proud.

This will be without a doubt the final figure in the 6″ line, but what a way to end things?!  Doomsday Unleashed will go on sale before the end of the year and will also include the ripped shreds of Superman’s cape wrapped around his hand (removable soft goods!).

The fans really showed there support and this is our way of saying thank you to our fans as DCU Classics/signature series heads into the sunset!”

We should be seeing Doomsday Unleashed for sale on sometime in December.

ScreenHunter_418 Aug. 22 01.12

Thank you to Scott and the Matty team for fighting for this figure and making it happen!


Daniel Pickett
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  • demoncat_4 says:

    toy guru and mattel deserve thanks for making so the much demanded doomsday saw the light of ay way even after saying no can’t happen due to not enough subs to warrent the cost or just reusing the domsday in his suite mold. and betting he will need to be on a shelve all alone since doomsday is proably prone to shelf diving.

  • Danilo says:

    Sorry, but this Doomsday s out of scale !! Is not bigger like this in Comics!

  • Dr Kain says:

    I completely disagree. Mattel has done nothing but lie to us and rub it in our faces that the DC sub failed due to the lack of support at every moment they could. Even when a question did not require it, they put it in their answer. Then they lie to us about the Unleashed figure happening. Tell us the Containment suit is all we will get, and sell us that bs even at SDCC. Now we are supposed to believe that they just happened to get the figure green lit recently? They have repeatedly said figures take 7-8 months to manufacture. As such, if his figure is coming out before the end of the year, it means they had him in production several months ago. This is did not just happen. Either that, or they lied about their production time frame. Regardless, a lie is a lie and this is nothing but shady business tactics. Yes, I will be buying the figure, but it will be the last product I ever buy from Mattel. Not only is it Doomsday for Superman, but it is doomsday for my support towards Mattel.

    • stewbacca says:

      Remember that 7-8 month (or a year and a half)-window only applies when they need that for a reason not to do something– whenever he gets called on that he pretty much ignores that part of the statement..

      Im happy they are getting this out as it looks like a nice figure- but lets not act like they did this out of the goodness of their heart–all the “fans’ want is a quality product reasonably priced that we can pick and choose- not be force fed something they require us to buy or we don’t “support the product line”– with this doomsday- Im sure I can expect to see some over the top packaging and that small piece of cloth (neither of which are required)– but they will constantly point out to explain away (of course lets not forget the “limited” production run)– why they will overcharge us for this figure when it comes out– this should be no more than 30.00 and even that will be overpriced once everyone is forced to buy it online for additional shipping costs as well..

      Im all for producing this stuff- but I would appreciate everything all the more if toyguru would just shut up about it..

  • brett says:

    Wow! That IS great news and a GREAT looking figure. Now, if only Matty would reconsider doing ‘something’ — anything — to follow up that sold out Legion multi-pack, I and tons of others would be thankful. Ah, maybe in ‘DREAM GIRL land!” ; )

    • demoncat_4 says:

      toy guru and mattel ruled out any more legion a long time ago to obscure and too expensive for another pack and no plans ever for their new dc stuff

      • brett says:

        I know Matty said no more Legion — its why I never subscribed to any of their subscription services (that, and they never produced figures I was interested in buying, but I digress). Still, to claim its too obscure is ridiculous — the set sold out in hours. But then, Mattel is pretty ridiculous too with almost all the reasons for why they don’t do more collector geared product. In the end, it doesn’t matter because what Mattel won’t — or didn’t do is all being done by Kotobukiya, Play Arts Kai, Sideshow, Hot Toys and tons of other companies I’m spending my money on.

        • Tom says:

          They don’t have to do a fancy package deal to make more Legion figures. One of their 5 pack window boxes is good enough. There are several easy figures that really need much more than a new head to make the figure: Lightning Lass, Element Lad, Chemical King, Ferro Lad, Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, Invisible Kid and Shadow Lass would easy to make. If the 12 pack sold out, I would say a couple of five packs would do just as well.

      • redddevil says:

        Oh, so if Mattel ruled it out, that clearly means Legion set 2 is well into production and will be on Matty Collector Christmas 2015.

  • Sais says:

    They should have bring in miss martian and mia deaden speedy. Along with, Count vertigo, clarion, felix faust and merlyn.

  • Mesum says:

    Nice, this will be my fourth or fifth doomsday, we really need more of him rather than new figure. Thanks matty, it’s a really great way to say goodbye to your “fans”

  • Lee in MI says:

    This is awesome and totally a surprise. Thumbs up to Scott & his team for pushing this through. Although, WB/DC really ought to take a close hard look at what Hasbro has accomplished with ML and realize this line needs to exist in perpetuity as it’s their “Marvel Legends”. Especially with the new movies coming out. Here’s to hoping this ain’t the last we’ll see of DCUCs!

    Maybe a relaunch in 2016???

  • Rich says:

    We were told over and over and over gain this figure wasn’t happening, so I ordered the SDCC Doomsday (a version virtually nobody wanted). A version I (and I suspect others) would not have purchased had it been revealed earlioer that the “unbound” version was going to be released. So in the end all it took was some mock up packaging? I’m sorry, but this really annoys me. The figure looks great, but it obviously should have been the Doomsday we got in the first place.

    • GeekSummit says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t by it either that we are looking at “looks like” comps of this product. The plastic is production finish, the cape is about the quality we’d expect of finished product and the box is fully marked with all its end result earmarks (should have been a black box) fully produced inner tray.

      Its funny though, the slip cover reminds me of those knockoff toys, the Diamond “S” knockout just looks out of place and cheap… wouldn’t it be funny (just as a scenario) if somehow a sample leaked in China, got nabbed by those “Crazy Toys” bootleggers and somehow Mattel found themselves in the position to exploit a HUGE stockpile of what would have in any other case been a stash of bootlegged Doomsday toys? Then I’d find this intriguing. Otherwise it’s just Mattel “forgiving” us for not buying into the toy subscription… I mean… who subscribes to toys?

      Its more of a prescription… I got the fever… and the only cure is more toys… but don’t just line me up with cures to problems I don’t have… Give us what we’re itching and scratching for… that’s how you keep me hooked.

  • George says:

    No complaints here. I’ll be buying.

  • Rob says:

    It is sad that this line has to end. I really enjoyed the figures but what started to deter me from really buying more were several things.
    1) The figures near the end were impossible to find I’ve lived in several parts of the country and had impossible times finding various waves. Most of the time it would be many months till I saw a new figure and by then it was from either a really old wave or it seemed as if the store skipped waves. ( and yes I went to multiple stores)
    2) When I did find the figures sometimes the pain jobs especially near the end were terrible.
    3) The increase in price did not compare to the quality of the product. We got less for more. The old batman line came with many accessories and had decent paint and detail. The were also affordable at $6-$9 a figure.
    4) Unnecessary repaints or alternate versions of characters especially if the figure was needed for a build a figure. I love batman but they made way to many versions and some were just a waste. Or at least keep up with versions in the current comics it would have been nice to see a Batman INC version and not another version of batman in the 80’s
    5) I also did not enjoy when a decent build a figure wave had many obscure characters when more popular characters were overlooked.

    I really did love the line. But mainly because of price and availability. If they ever revive the line It would be nice if they worked on a way to have even and consistent distribution

    • GeekSummit says:

      True ‘Dat… all of ‘dat. all 5 points of ‘dat. Gimmicky repaints are no replacement for figures that could have just as easily been created in a line where 95% of the characters shared essentially the same body parts. New head here, new collar cape and belt there… The DC Universe is full of characters that use the same archetypal set up over and over again.

      Paint jobs aside, one of the biggest gripes I had with production slack was “wrong limb syndrome” inverted biceps, inverted lower legs, bad peg placement leading to loose and dangling limbs, and the worst… the sticky joint. You get a beautiful figure devoid of any paint errors, nice straight limbs and as soon as you go to twist the fist… “DOINK!” $20 in the trash can.

  • Bill S. says:

    So get ready for Digital River to [punk] us with shipping cost and or damaged packaging. I hate those a-holes ever since my first MOTU sub when they continuously kept trying to purchase a sub against my credit card.

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