MOTUC Tri-Klops Review
June 3, 2009

As a toy collector there are moment’s you live for.   This is one of them.

Read on for my review of my all time favorite Masters of the Universe character in his Masters of the Universe Classics incarnation…



So here he is, MOTUC Tri-Klops, easily my most anticipated MOTUC figure.  Now, I am a HUGE Tri-Klops mark, but I will try to remain somewhat objective, and go over what I consider to be the good and yes, the not so good elements of this figure.

(DISCLAIMER:  In some of my (typically less than perfect) photos the lighting and  camera make the plastic of the arms and legs appear to be a different shade than the plastic of the chest and the paint on the face.  This is NOT a problem in the actual item.)

 The package is what we’ve come to expect from MOTUC, and Tri-Klops has his classic tagline:  "Evil and Sees Everything."


The cardback displays the figures up to Tri-Klops’ release.


His bio combines the classic mini-comic "inter-dimensional bounty hunter and tracker" identity with the the more sci-fi and tech based aspects of the 200x version.


The part that I have to admit I definitely do NOT like is his "real name:"




Oy.  All of a sudden Squidish Rex sounds damn cool.

One HUGE improvement in packaging is that  Tri-Klops is posed more neutrally on his tray.  This significantly reduces the stress on joints and accessories when compared to the more pre-posed figure packaging (like He-Man.)


Flip the tray over and the "secret" accessory is revealed alongside the Doomseeker!   I refer, of course, to the glow in the dark "Warrior’s Ring."


Like the classic version it’s cast in glow plastic and has a black skull in relief over a stonework texture.


The Doomseeker is colored much like a baby Wind-Raider and includes a stand rather similar to the 200x stand.

Adult fans may not be that pleased with the size of the ring.  The inner diameter only measures 3/4 inch, so it’s not that big.  It’s a split band so you can jam it on a thicker finger, but it’s smaller than I would have expected if it’s meant to be an "adult size" ring.

The ring also has a living hinge and opens to reveal the new MOTUC logo.


The remaining accessories are of course the armor and sword.


The sword is fantastic.  2 tone green, and nice and rigid.  No floppy-sword-itis here!

The armor is very nicely detailed.  The smallest rivets on the armor are painted mettalic green, and the orange area is nicely shaded.  The combination of dull green of the plastic with the mettalic green paint makes for a great look that mimics the simple pallette of the original but adds a richer visual contrast.

The bracket for the sword is very well designed.  It’s much sturdier than the simple loop on the classic figure  and hold the sword securely.

In fact, my only gripe with the armor is the lack of a vertical strap in the back attaching the upper armor to the belt. The strap design on the classic figure was among the most secure of MOTU armors and was snug and sturdy.  The new design is fine, but upper section of the armor just rests on Tri-Klops’ shoulders and moves around easily.  The armor is secured by the belt, so it’s not going anywhere, but it’s just not as snug and secure as the classic.  I suppose this change was made to allow the ab-crunch to move more freely. 


Next we’ll look at the visor, which makes Tri-Klops the first MOTUC figure with an "action feature."


The visor is more mechanical than the classic MOTU version, but not as cybernetic as the 200x.   Overall, the look is reminiscent of the classic.  The "eyebrows" are similar, with the light blue eye having what I thought of as a kid as the "sad" or "nice" double brow, while the green and red have the typical "angry" brow.  I thought the lack of black paint on the eyebrows was an interesting choice.  It does makes him seem less cartoony though.

I like the added detail on the surface of the red eye, making it look more mechanical, however, I dislike the light blue eye’s protruding iris.  To me, it looks too mechanical, and the lack of a black  pupil makes it look unfinished. 

The detail on Tri-Klops’ face under the visor is very inpressive.  He has black eye patches as well as mettalic green wiring all sculpted and painted in detail.  Very nice.



All in all, Tri-Klops is a great addition to the MOTUC line.  I feel he’s more a hybrid design than the other MOTUC figures released thus far, as he combines the classic toy, card art and 200x versions, all of which are fairly different from each other.

He’s a great value compared to other figures as he not only has 3 accessories but a working "action feature."

Suffice it to say this is one fan who is very happy with this newest incarnation of Tri-Klops.




(Keep scrolling down for more pics!)


(DISCLAIMER:  In some of my (typically less than perfect) photos the lighting and  camera make the plastic of the arms and legs appear to be a different shade than the plastic of the chest and the paint on the face.  This is NOT a problem in the actual item.) 









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  • H-Balm says:

    That is a well done figure. The cmall daggers on the back are a great little touch.

    Nice review, often reviews forget to include the accessories. Thanks for adding them. That Doomseeker is interesting.

  • Oddjob says:

    Why did they sculpt the knives to look removable if they aren’t? Seems like a waste. Makes me just want to yank them out.

  • GrtEternal says:

    Love the figure! Can’t wait to get mine now! 😀

    One thing that bothers me. The left leg! Is there something wrong with it? 🙁

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Good eye!

      The shin joint wasn’t popped in all the way. A little heat and a quick disassemble/reassemble and it’s good as new.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Another excellent review, Spy. Tri-Klops is right up there as one of my favorites, too. (Trap-Jaw probably gets the top spot.) I didn’t watch much of the 2002 series so I’m not familiar with the Doomseeker, but I did have the glow ring. I also don’t remember those three sculpted
    knives on the original armor, so those are all great touches on Mattel’s part.

    Can’t wait for Trap-Jaw now!!!

  • Jamps says:

    Awesome figure! Another great job by the 4 Horsemen!

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Thanks for the excellent overview, Jeremy. And congrats on getting your favorite character! Much like the original line I find these figures to be highly “playable.” The 4H knock another one out of the park. How awesome is that face sculpt?!

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:


      The face sculpt is indeed awesome! Not only the great detail under the visor, but the expression. The old Tri-Klops was sort of a sourpuss, but this new one echoes the look of the old while being much less goofy!

  • Its says:

    I went back to 50/50 on this guy. Was going to buy him, then decided not to but again this review has me thinking otherwise. lol

  • Monte says:

    I’ve been bitter and butthurt about this series from the start, and yet, strange as it sounds, while I’ve never been a Tri-Klops fan, this figure strikes me as just about the best of the bunch thus far.

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