moving sucks
August 14, 2007

Moving. Are there many things that are less fun or more stressful that uprooting your family and possessions, duping your friends into helping you toss them into a truck and then unpack your life all over again? Ugh.

Sure, we’re excited about the new house. But that excitement wears off when you realize just how much crap you’ve acquired and decided to keep in those 300 heavy boxes, some of which the cat decided to pee all over for some unknown reason and you have to unpack and repack, just to keep it packed up.  Specifically, I had no idea just how much space my collection takes up, or how much heavy-lifting would be involved.  Before we moved last year into our current place, I had much of my collection on display and it took about a week to carefully pack it all up.  I’ve kept most of packed during the past year, but I’ve also bought lots of new items since last August, so that needed to be packed up too.  The result was at least 100 boxes of toys.  It took 11 separate trips in our van over a week just to move all my stuff alone, and that’s just collectibles – I still had dozens of boxes full of artwork, art supplies, books, prints, client files and discs, 31 comic boxes full of books.  I made trips every stinking night, after a long day at work, carefully loading it all up like Jenga pieces and making two or three trips until midnight or longer.  But I had to do it, since I don’t want anyone else moving my collection.  Stubborn, yes.  But if something breaks or gets damaged, then I only have myself to blame instead of one of my clumsy oaf friends. And I have plenty of those.

We gave ourselves about a month to be out of the current place, and we figured that was enough time.  But now we’re down to our last week and we are going to cut it pretty close.  Our previous house, when it sold we had to be out in 10 days so we actually hired movers.  Way expensive, and they ended up being a truckload of total morons and messing up some of our furniture too.  So this time we decided to do it ourselves and save the money.  But man, what a pain.  I’ve made 4 trips in a 16’ truck, and we’ve done about 25 trips in the van, and we still have a half-dozen more van loads to go.  When did we get all this crap??  Seriously, there were boxes of baby clothes, broken kids toys, dozens of photo books, VHS movies, lingerie I’ll never see, big heavy books, my tools I never use, old Maxim magazines, outdated too-small shoes, long-forgotten stuffed animals, I have no idea when we bought all this stuff.  Who needs like 3 boxes of marital aids?

Add all that to getting the address changed on everything, setting up internet and phone and TV all over again, utilities, cleaning, putting away all your daily-use items, getting pets acclimated, the whole thing sucks.  The cat has already taken a dump in our clothes closet after being in the house like one day.  The toughest part is physically, we’re totally exhausted.  I could take off the next couple days just to sleep, but there’s just too much to get done to take any breaks.  Yesterday I spent the morning at work, then got the moving truck again and moved all the remaining stuff in the current house and garage into the new place by my lonesome from 11:00 in the morning to 10:30 last night.  And I also moved all the heavy furniture and washer & dryer upstairs using the hand cart, which I really should not have been doing alone. Every part on my body hurts today, and my back is one gigantic monkeyfist.  I’ll be happy when this whole thing is all over.

But for all my complaining, I still feel pretty blessed.  With all the mortgage issues and foreclosures so people are going through, we feel lucky to have our house and be in a good situation.  Once everything gets settled, I’m sure it will be fine. I just need to find a way to keep the cat from crapping everywhere.

Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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