My first toy run in 1-1/2 years!
April 26, 2008

Let me tell you, it was an impromptu jaunt that ended up lucky for me.  I had ordered a fish for one of my saltwater tanks, but that pet shop wasn’t open until 11am.  Here it was 10:15am and I’d already visited PetSmart to pick up the organic food I feed my cats (yes, I’m an animal lover) so I had some time to kill.

What with all the reports of peeps finding DCUC everywhere, I figured I’d step foot into the local Toys R Us for the first time since I quit that sorry-ass management team about a year-and-a-half ago.  Lots of stuff to see…new Star Wars, DC, Marvel, etc…all things I didn’t find at all whenever I managed to pick up a few ‘normal’ things at Walmart or Target.  In and out in 15 minutes, I thought my good fortune would continue so I made the 30-second drive to Target.

Woo-hoo!  More wonderful items, and I’m happy to announce that with my haul today I’m officially official as far as being 100% back into toy collecting.  Here’s my crappy cell phone picture of my mini-assortment : 

Scored Etrigan/Tornado from Series 1 and Manta/Harley/Blue Supes from Series 2.  I left two Orions at TRU (bad facial paint jobs), three Penguins at TRU (I’ll pick him up later), and a Superman Red at Target (lower priority for me) but overall I was pretty excited about my ‘first day back.’

 Another cool aspect was my girlfriend actually reading the bios on the back of the boxes and wanting to know more about each character.  "I’d like to read some of those comics sometime," was the quote that pretty much made me assume she was drunk at 2 in the afternoon.  :D

 I’ll be hitting the shops again on Friday, and I’m already pretty excited at the prospect of finding more.

 It’s great to be back!


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