My One Last MOTUC Figure
August 6, 2013

Well, it’s subscription time once again in the magical land of Mattycollector for both the DC Signature Series (aka DC Universe Classics) and Masters of the Universe Classics. Both are extensive lines, and both are certainly worthy of continuing on. However, as of this writing things are looking bleak for both subs. MOTUC is doing better than the DC sub at this point but the minimums needed for either line to go into production are still a long ways off.

If one or both of these lines don’t continue it’d be a shame. Now, just to put my cards on the table…I’m not getting either sub. My reasons are financial, first and foremost. I simply cannot afford to subscribe. My toy budget these days is pretty slim, and, to be honest, there’s other lines that take priority in my collection. Another big reason is, outside of an odd figure here and there, I’m really trying to not to stray outside of my 3-3/4″ wheel-house as much as possible. And, lastly, but still an important reason when coupled with the above, is there are just not that many characters out there that I’m willing to shell out $30 for. I did recently get New Adventures He-Man. He was a figure I was actually highly anticipating since Masters of the Universe Classics began. And, I love him. He’s a fantastic figure.

So, with that in mind, there is really one figure that, if it doesn’t happen in MOTUC, I’ll be really bummed: New Adventures Skeletor. Now, you know he’s gotta be on Mattel’s infamous and oft-talked about ‘roadmap’ for the line. I mean, c’mon, it’s Skeletor. He-man’s Number One Bad Guy. But, he hasn’t been announced so that puts him in the 2014 lineup at the earliest, and maybe even 2015. So, if the line is canceled from low subscriber buy in than this variant of Skeletor doesn’t get made.


And, that’d be too bad. My New Adventures He-Man will be eternally lonely without Skeletor to battle. And, really, I’d love to help. I really would. I wish I was in the financial position where I could subscribe for no other reason to support the line and a property that I hold in high regard. But, I’m not and I can’t. I wasn’t able to do the 2013 subscription either and missed out on what turned out to be a figure I really, really would love to have in my collection: King He-Man. But, c’est la vie.

So, here I sit, fingers crossed that the MOTUC subscription hits it’s numbers. I hope New Adventures Skeletor can adorn my shelf one day. That’d be swell.

So, if you could only get one…more…figure…out of the Masters of the Universe Classics or DC Comics Signature Series…what would it be?


Jeff Cope
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  • matchow says:

    Hmm, one last DC figure… might just have to go obscure and say Ragman. Or classic Vibe. Or Wotan or Chronos. RAGMAN!!! I guess!! And yes, Vibe has a “classic” look, haters. 🙂

  • Jim Abell says:

    Flogg. Not that I have any real attachment to the character or the vintage toy but he is the last faction leader (even if Skeletor was really making the calls) that hasn’t been made.

  • Chaos! says:

    DC——- I…Vampire Andrew Bennett (classic )

    MOTU—- Filmation color/look Skeletor

  • Myk says:

    I collect the DC line and fully support the subs. Ever since they started the DC Classics style figures I always hoped we would see the contemporary Teen Titans Superboy. Alas, the figure has been announced but may never see the light of day. The other figure I’ve been hoping would get re-made is Doomsday. Both are scheduled for an early 2014 release, so while others gripe and complain about Mattel’s tactics, you have to admit they are starting the year off strong… For both lines… In my option.

  • Darrell says:

    I’m a DC Universe fan, and I love all three that have been announced. It would be a true and utter shame not to at least get Ice to go along with the Fire figure coming this fall. But if I could only get one more figure from the line-up, I would have to ask for classic Gypsy. I will never be able to explain it, not in a million years, but she is one of my favorite DC Characters.
    If I could ask for two, Mera would be the very close second.

  • TRDouble says:

    One last DC figure… Black Lightning! Call him 1st Appearance Black Lightning, but that’s the character and costume I still really, really want.

  • Sallah says:

    Gwildor is the one and only MOTUC figure I still want. I quit the line a year ago… But I would come back one last time for Gwildor.

  • Joe Acevedo says:

    I’m a DC Universe fan and I love the DCUC style figures that Mattel has released. If I had to pick one last figure, I would want one that DC or Mattel have never done in any form. I want the Monarch from the Armageddon and Countdown stories, but who I would really want as a final figure is MR. BONES in his hero costume. Mattel could re-use parts from the Dr. Impossible figure, add a belt, a new head and paint it up nice.

  • Hellpop says:

    Only one DCUC? Well, it would have to be the original Huntress, Helena Wayne, Batman’s daughter. I always loved that version of the character, and my DC Direct stand in is a poor substitute. I’m glad we’re getting modern Huntress, but the original will always be my favorite.

  • Mark says:

    Bleez would be my number one, followed by Mera, Silver Age Scarecrow, and Weather Wizard.

  • Scotty97 says:

    One last DCUC? Comic styled Commissioner Gordon.

  • demoncat4 says:

    if i could only have one more dc figure ever from mattel it would have to be ragman since he was my gate way character that introduced me to the dc universe through his short lived comic and also my first time intro to batman. that or if not ragman then amanda waller in her original pre 52 gorgeous robus bad butt self. as for only motu figure madam razz since always bummed the lovely old witch never got a figure in the original line. now since shadow weaver got made.

  • tony says:

    If you want my subscription, it can happen with any of the following figures.
    Superboy is a great start. Give me Azrael and I am in 😉

  • DCfett says:

    Even though it seems Vixen is on the short list for like what, ever! I’d say Vixen.
    I’ve always thought Bloodwyn was very toyetic as well. Black Racer would be cool.
    Balls to the walls final pic, would be Granny Goodness.
    Table stakes, TG, put it out there like you do with MOTU and see if you can drum up some collectors!

  • noam choseed says:

    Ambush Bug

  • noam choseed says:

    Ambush Bug all the way

  • disasterbeast says:

    I am a MOTU sub holder (have been for 2 years). Also subbed for the Filmation & 30th anniversary MOTU. I will be very sad if the sub doesn’t go through this year. Come on guys, keep the line going!

    The last figure I want (besides the ones that have been announced at SDCC) is Rio Blast. I need a Rio Blast and they are actually throwing his name around now in pleas to get sub holders. Don’t let me down, keep the line going!

  • stewbacca says:



    Supposedly Two Bad will be released–

    So I will have to go with RHINORB

  • Alexx says:

    It’s NA Skeletor. I’m with you there. NA He-Man was above and beyond the call of duty – I never thought I would get him when this line started out. Hell, I was surprised that we got Faker and Scare Glow so soon! Those alone were great enough to allow me to let this line pass if it did. But man…NA He-Man perfectly recreated with just the right amount of new detail (like the iron cross)? Never thought it would happen.

    So now that we have him (one of my top favorite toys from my childhood) I NEED me some NA Skeletor. Once he’s out of the way, everything else will be extra goodies.

  • Scott Thompson says:

    My focus is on the Batman family, so I haven’t subbed at all, not enough offered in my interest area…but, a 6″ Firefly, Arnold Wesker Ventriloquist & Scarface, Harvey Bullock, Lucius Fox, leather jacketed Red Hood, and Ubu would make me change my mind.

  • JayW75 says:

    MOTU I am really looking forward to Glimmer and TwoBad. DC I would really like to see Madame Xanadu or Doctor Occult.

  • Tom says:

    If you want to be mad at someone be mad at Mattel for holding him hostage. They could have made him months ago instead of that horrible Ace of Spade time travelling joke of a figure.

    As for figures I want? Pretty much half of what they released at SDCC. This last hurrah is much better than last year’s offers which was pretty terrible.

  • Lee in MI says:

    DCUCs I would have to say I would cheat. I want one last two pack that makes no sense at all going together save for economy and that would be classic Black Lightning & classic Nightwing. Very similar costumes (similar enough) with a few add ons and head sculpts and you got yourself a pretty cool and easy(cheap) 2 pack!

  • Jonatan says:

    I collect and love DC and MOTU lines and even got the Filmation. I totally agree they are too expensive (and I pay much more to ship my figures to Brazil).
    I must confess I do not know all the characters from MOTU and DC, but what I know is that I really love action figures, and have them on my shelves and see one different from the other is an awesome thing (even if I don’t like one or two particular figures). Although it’s hard, we do have to understand that Mattel is like all companies: they want to sell their products and make their money. Every single person wants one specific character (as I do), and we have to support the lines to continue our dreams to grab that most wanted figure, right?
    DCUC: I would love to have a two pack with Giganta and Apache Chief in 6″.
    MOTU: there are great figures to be done in this line, but my must haves are definately Scorpia and Madame Razz…

  • skullmask5 says:

    A female doctor fate for dcuc and for motuc a movie he-man/skeletor two pack and yes a na skeletor would also be only fitting

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