My One Last MOTUC Figure
August 6, 2013

Well, it’s subscription time once again in the magical land of Mattycollector for both the DC Signature Series (aka DC Universe Classics) and Masters of the Universe Classics. Both are extensive lines, and both are certainly worthy of continuing on. However, as of this writing things are looking bleak for both subs. MOTUC is doing better than the DC sub at this point but the minimums needed for either line to go into production are still a long ways off.

If one or both of these lines don’t continue it’d be a shame. Now, just to put my cards on the table…I’m not getting either sub. My reasons are financial, first and foremost. I simply cannot afford to subscribe. My toy budget these days is pretty slim, and, to be honest, there’s other lines that take priority in my collection. Another big reason is, outside of an odd figure here and there, I’m really trying to not to stray outside of my 3-3/4″ wheel-house as much as possible. And, lastly, but still an important reason when coupled with the above, is there are just not that many characters out there that I’m willing to shell out $30 for. I did recently get New Adventures He-Man. He was a figure I was actually highly anticipating since Masters of the Universe Classics began. And, I love him. He’s a fantastic figure.

So, with that in mind, there is really one figure that, if it doesn’t happen in MOTUC, I’ll be really bummed: New Adventures Skeletor. Now, you know he’s gotta be on Mattel’s infamous and oft-talked about ‘roadmap’ for the line. I mean, c’mon, it’s Skeletor. He-man’s Number One Bad Guy. But, he hasn’t been announced so that puts him in the 2014 lineup at the earliest, and maybe even 2015. So, if the line is canceled from low subscriber buy in than this variant of Skeletor doesn’t get made.


And, that’d be too bad. My New Adventures He-Man will be eternally lonely without Skeletor to battle. And, really, I’d love to help. I really would. I wish I was in the financial position where I could subscribe for no other reason to support the line and a property that I hold in high regard. But, I’m not and I can’t. I wasn’t able to do the 2013 subscription either and missed out on what turned out to be a figure I really, really would love to have in my collection: King He-Man. But, c’est la vie.

So, here I sit, fingers crossed that the MOTUC subscription hits it’s numbers. I hope New Adventures Skeletor can adorn my shelf one day. That’d be swell.

So, if you could only get one…more…figure…out of the Masters of the Universe Classics or DC Comics Signature Series…what would it be?


Jeff Cope
Jeff Cope has been collecting toys and action figures since he was a wee lad growing up in the 70s, and is still waiting to grow out of it. He's been involved in the online collecting community since he first started writing for Raving Toy Maniac in the mid-90s, and is proud to call AFi his online home.
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  • Alex says:

    I too fear for the two lines. I’ve not yet subscribed but generally wait until the end to keep the charges of my credit card for as long as possible. If I could have only one masters figure, I think I would pick the horde trooper from She-Ra. They are sort of the storm troopers of the masters universe. For DC picking only one is tough. I would have to go with Ice to partner her up with Fire and complete the late 80’s justice league line up. After Ice I would really like to see The Ray (Early 90’s version).

    • Alex says:

      And Zauriel and Tomorrow woman! I loved the grant Morrison turn on the JLA, and would welcome anything from that era: The Key, Green Arrow, Prometheus, and of course Aquaman.

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